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Michelle loved doing Karate and all of her friends and teachers. We ran it like a family school because it was a family school. -
Below Michelle doing handstand.

Michelle Littlefield w/ Her instructor Kei O. - Teaching and having a Karate school with
my Daughter, and her friends and the students were some of the best time of our lives.

This video was made in honor of Michelle Littlefield. 
She was a great and loving person whose life was cut short due to a tragic accident that took other lives alongside. The details of the accident can be found online. This video encapsulates the timeline from infant to young adult that I had the privilege to experience with her. She was like a little sister to me and miss her every moment. I urge everyone that views to please take the time to live in the moment with your friends and family, and to drive within the speed limit. Think about how your thoughts, words, decisions, and actions will impact the world and those around you, because "it's a small world after all."

Above Michelle wears "Daddy's Girl" shirt
  9-23-2016 Updated
Dear Michelle - Solo Show
Performed at College of the Canyons at Solopalooza 2016.

A Big HUG to  Cathy Bordey Quebral 

For putting together Pictures and Video of Michelle Marylin Littlefield 

Michelle Littlefield Videos 2016

Michelle Littlefield Asked Christian to Winter Formal 2016

Michelle Littlefield Memory Card Videos 2016

Michelle Littlefield - Michelle's Candlelight Vigil 2016

Michelle Littlefield - Michelle's Memorial 2016

Michelle Littlefield and the Boys 2016

Michelle Littlefield - Our Angel

Michelle Littlefield - Happy Happy

Michelle Littlefield Photos 2016 
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College of the Canyons

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The play list -
In the Arms of the Angels
Street racer stole my daughter's life

Every time I see this video I break down. Why because you had such an impact on everyone and it's just like you still here but looking down on everyone who truly cared about you . Michelle Littlefield I know you can see this from heaven and I hope you continue to be the shining light you were when you were here with us. We love you little foot  
πŸ‘ΌπŸΌπŸ™πŸΌKamiko L Jones

Michelle and the Boys

Gigi Littlefield Michi you were special soul so bright ,illuminate the lives of many 
people with your sweetness , charisma, silliness, kindness , wisdom,authentic personally,
very humble and ready to help others any way possible . Truly inspiration , very 
thoughtful and deep thinker, beyond your years, like always I said an old soul , 
we miss you and we will remember you every day of our journey on earth , 
never forget How much we all love you 

This picture was shot on the mountains above/overlooking Sylmar, California
Santa Clara Truck Trail - Contract Point - Newhall, CA 91321

Thanks for always being there for me and making so many sacrifices just to see me smile  — with Gigi Littlefield.

my cousin Stefano FalconΓ­

 Michelle Littlefield  Emery Schulz
I just remembered. I named (months and months ago) and loosely based my main character in my honors thesis after you. This is painful - I am currently working on it - and amazing -because I am constantly reminded about how awesome you

Michelle and the C Q FAMILY 1 1 2016

Michelle at Stevenson Ranch home -Blake Ct.

Michelle Littlefield  Megan and Miley at Holy Redeemer 6th grade 2008

We always love you Michelle - This side or that.
Below 2001 trip to Mexico

2001 San Diego 

Trip to  Hot Springs by Mammoth and to Whitney Porto 


Michelle Littlefield with Caitlyn Alexander  April 17 2009
and recent visit 1-2017 Resting place.

Goodbye [In Memory of Michelle Littlefield]

Michelle Littlefield and Christian Q above - below - with Katie the dog

My Michi with Katie , aww you are so beautiful , thanks for all your love . I know you are happy smiling at us from heaven . We miss you so much , tons of kisses and hugs from mama Gigi and daddy Willy .

Michelle Littlefield with Skye

Michelle Littlefield with Mama Gigi at Disneyland

Tami Lin - Laura Byrd - Michelle Littlefield - Maryori Vasquez
West Ranch High, Valencia, CA

Strange timing? Yes. Strange Picture? Yes. Oct. 2015  Disneyland

Included in this picture Anthony M. - Brian L. - Alfonso M. - Michelle L.

Alfonso - Michelle - Brian - Tony

Mini and Michelle

Michelle at the Winter Formal

Michelle with Cole - Above and Below

Michelle Littlefield with best friend Anthony Miramontes
Getting ready to see STAR WARS

Michelle above at Pismo - Michelle with her Dad Willy - Father's Day June 15, 2014

 Willy Gigi Michelle 2014 at FRIDAYS Valencia, CA

Michelle doing Karate with Master Nestor Ylagan

Skye and Michelle

Keca Gigi Michelle

Above Auntie Glorita, Gigi and Michelle - Below Michelle and Mama Gigi in the snow in Vail, Colorado

Michelle being pretty at Venice Beach, CA 2015 w/ friend

The grads

Michelle Littlefield with Mom Gigi Littlefield above
Willy Littlefield with Michelle Littlefield and Gigi Littlefield below

Moma Gigi with Michelle in Ecuador

Michelle with Laura Byrd

Auntie Glorita - Mama Gigi - Michelle littlefield

Lori Chua - Michelle Littlefield - Gigi Littlefield
La Canada Country Club - La Canada CA - Graduation Party

Michelle with cousin Stepheno 

Michelle - Moma Gigi - Kyle Perry

Michelle Littlefield with Mom at Grand Canyon, AZ

Michelle in Santa Paula, CA - Car show


This video is so great! It really captured Michelle's personality. I know she'll be with you on Mother's Day and every single day, always.
Michelle Littlefield Lip Sink/Singing
(Alfonso) You're welcome. smile emoticon This really reminds me of the times we would all work together, or hang out... and it was all great memories that I will cherish forever. You and Willy Jay really raised a great, magnificent, and kind-hearted daughter; I'm glad and honored to have met her and been part of her life. 
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abc7 remembered-in-campus-vigil


Michelle with Mama Gigi hugging at the beach

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At Patriot Martial Arts

Christmas 2016 Alex  - Christopher 

 Christian and Michelle

Published on Mar 2, 2016
A street racing incident left two COC students dead after one of the racers crashed into a UPS tractor-trailer; causing it to collide with the Nissan Sentra the victims were in. Now, students remember Michelle Littlefield, and Brian Lewandowski.

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Crime watch

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