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I tend to be stressed pretty often and I know I could probably lower my stress levels with these suggested self-care strategies, it’s just a matter of finding the time to do so. My main struggle is getting enough sleep while trying to balance school, work, and a social life. It’s been especially hard lately since I would work till 3am on some nights so I wouldn’t be able to finish homework till after work. I would try to fit in some time with friends, but it’s a struggle maintaining enough sleep and good grades with that. I put my grades first, so if I have to complete an assignment, I will get it done no matter what. Unfortunately, that usually leads me to sacrificing my sleep to finish all of what I have to do. This is because out of work and a social life, I choose to give up sleep which probably isn’t the healthiest option but I make it work. Once Fright Fest is over and my job starts closing at 6 and 8, I know I’ll have more opportunities to finish homework early and catch up on sleep, so I’m not too worried. I do eat healthy more often than not although I do not exercise as regularly as I would like. This is mainly due to the fact that I usually have no time, but lately I’ve been trying to incorporate it into my daily routine. My worry with exercising regularly is being sleepy earlier in the day and not being able to stay up to do homework. I keep a close social circle which helps me a lot with stress. I really like being around my group of friends and going out for little adventures here and there like a trip to the beach or a night bowling. I just recently picked up an old hobby of mine: photography. I used to take photos all the time, but carrying a huge Canon camera everywhere I go made me feel more like it was holding me back from enjoying myself since I worried about it getting damaged or stolen. I was recently gifted a small and durable film cara and I couldn’t be happier. I feel motivated to capture moments and hang them up in memory room and since it’s more durable, I’m not worried bringing it with me anywhere I go. I do make an effort to pamper myself and take moments away from my day to just relax, whether it be a spa day or just napping at home. When I have too many things running through my brain, it’s more of a challenge to keep my brain sharp and keep a positive attitude. What really gets me through stress is knowing that it’s temporary and even if there will always be new stresses, the current one I’d be dealing with will eventually pass. When it comes to processing my emotions, it can be challenging to do so depending on what situation I’m in. I don’t have too many people I trust with sharing every struggle I’m having, so as a result, I have to keep a lot to myself which can be pretty stressful at times. In terms of maintaining a spiritual practice, my main struggle with that is work. I usually have work on Sundays so I can never really go to church and even if I had the opportunity, I really don’t identify with any church. I consider myself a spiritual individual who believes in God and in becoming the best person I can be, but there’s something in every religion I’ve seen that I don’t agree with or stand for. I would definitely say being spiritual has helped me get through a lot of stress. Overall, I know the steps I need to take to reduce my stress and being more aware of them, I will make a conscious effort to put them into practice. 
I love you too ,forever . This is the last card Michelle gave to me for my birthday 9/21/2015 , I miss you dearly my Boo-Boo, my everything , my dream come true , the best gift from heaven, it was a pleasure to meet you my angel, I will keep you now in my heart until I see you again ❤️😍🌼

Happy Birthday Mom 2012  Thanks for everything you've had to sacrifice to make me smile  You're the best mom a girl could ask for. You're funny, smart, and beautiful and you just keep getting prettier. Love you~~  

Michelle All things Go   Change is a natural part of life. Although, I often ask myself how something so natural can sometimes be so difficult to accept. Haunted by the inevitable fact that nothing stays the same forever, we hold on so tightly to memories of the past. While everything and everyone is changing, memories never do. As nice as it is to live in the pleasant flashbacks, life goes and you cannot be stuck in the past. When I listen to Chicago by Sufjan Stevens, I reminisce through fond memories of my uncle and the family holidays he would host when I was a kid. The peaceful melody of the song reminds me that as time goes on, every moment must eventually come to an end.

Change is natural [and uncontrollable]. Although, I often ask myself why something so natural can [sometimes] be so difficult to endure. Haunted by the inevitable fact that nothing stays the same forever, we hold on so tightly to memories of the past. Memories can be beautiful, sometimes so beautiful, they can be blinding. Captivated by my own nostalgia, I often lose sight of everything real and right in front of me. It’s so easy to just live in the untarnished flashbacks your mind has conveniently compiled and forget everything else. When I listen to Chicago by Sufjan Stevens, I reminisce through fond memories of my uncle and the family holidays he would host when I was a kid. The peaceful melody of the song reminds me that as time goes on, every moment must eventually come to an end.

    My uncle would host every family get together for practically every holiday there is. Uncle Dave would find a way to make every holiday memorable. No family member was left behind, as he made sure everybody had been invited. That includes the second cousins, the great aunts, the in-laws, and even close friends. My childhood memories of Christmas were particularly special.

Even before you enter the house, the Christmas cheer could be seen a block away. His house was the one with all the lights and inflatable snowmen. The moment I entered the house, I was greeted with warm hugs and happy hellos all around. Saying hi and hugging everyone there was an event of its own. Despite any family feuds throughout the year, everyone put it all aside for a day to cherish the company of one another.

Christmas was the potluck holiday, so you got a chance to try out all the different types of dishes, every one of them being utterly delicious. When you ask a child what their favorite food is, more often than not its “candy!” or “cake!” or something along those lines. Sure enough, my favorite dish as a kid was my uncle’s famous homemade chocolate fudge cake. It was by far the most mouth-watering cake I ever had, rich in flavor and full of chocolatey goodness.

After dinner, we would all gather in the recreational room (which was huge!) and sing Christmas songs together. We would have props and costumes like a red Rudolph nose, white Santa beards and Santa hats. It was the most fun I had as a kid, singing along with all my cousins and holding back laughs of how silly everyone looked in their costumes. Somewhere throughout all the singing, near the end of the night, we would hear the doorbell ring. Everybody went to investigate and all the kids (including myself) were confused as to who could be at the door. Sure enough, it was Santa Claus. The moment he walked in with a jolly “ho ho ho”, I just knew it was Uncle Dave. I kept my mouth shut so I didn’t ruin the fun for everybody else, but I always knew it was him. The only detail was, I didn’t think my uncle was dressed up and impersonating Santa, I thought he WAS Santa.

    About two years ago, my mother and I were doing some spring cleaning when we get a call. My grandma is on the other end and she informs us that Uncle Dave just had a heart attack. My mom and I, still in shock, assumed that despite the heart attack, he would of course still be okay. So instead of freaking out and crying about the news, we just sat down on the couch and talked about the happy memories we had of him over the past years and how he was always so kind and full of life. We were laughing at the jokes he would make and the silly magic tricks he would impress everyone with. Even though I established that my uncle was not, in fact, Santa Claus, I still held this schema of them both being the symbol of imperishable joy. This mindset didn’t even consider death as a possibility. Despite my beliefs, my grandmother called about 10 minutes later to inform us that he passed away.

My uncle was the root that held every family tree together. When he passed away, our entire family (both extended and immediate) was devastated. His funeral was the last time we all got together like we did for the holidays. It was under unfortunate circumstances, although for the last time, we were all together to celebrate and appreciate my uncle and each other.


 Living in the past is easy. It’s comfortable. I’ve spent a lot of time immersing myself with the polished memories of my happiest moments. Simpler times of childhood I’ve spent a lot of time immersing myself with the polished memories of my happiest moments. Every branch of family that was connected at one point now celebrates holidays separately. The chorus to Chicago is “all things go” and truly, everything and everyone has a time where it becomes a part of the past. Despite this fact, reminiscing in the memories and being grateful for the moments that once were brings a little peace of mind. Knowing that nothing lasts forever lets us appreciate every moment we have now and who we have to share it with. Lingering on the pain of what you have lost

I’ve spent a lot of time immersing myself with the polished memories of my happiest moments. Every branch of family that was connected at one point now celebrates holidays separately. The chorus to Chicago is “all things go” and truly, everything and everyone has a time where it becomes a part of the past. Knowing that nothing lasts forever lets us appreciate every moment we have now and who we have to share it with. So, fellow classmates, remember to live life creating meaningful moments and not living in the memories. Thank you.

I’ve spent a lot of time immersing myself with the polished memories of my happiest moments. Every branch of family that was connected at one point now celebrates holidays separately. The chorus to Chicago is “all things go” and truly, everything and everyone has a time where it becomes a part of the past. Despite this fact, reminiscing in the memories and being grateful for the moments that once were brings a little peace of mind. Knowing that nothing lasts forever lets us appreciate every moment we have now and who we have to share it with.

Michelle Littlefield
21 September 2013
Santa Travels North
Santa, a name universal throughout childhood memories all around the world, is well-known for his generosity, kindness, and jubilant ambience. Every Christmas, my family would anticipate the rhythmic knock of the front door, undoubtedly being Santa. As he approached me and my cousins, I effortlessly realized that Santa was also my uncle, regardless of my young age. My childhood schema of Santa consisted of rosy cheeks, a sincere smile, and the jovial presence he often bore. My uncle harmonized such qualities thus I identified both individuals through one entity.
My uncle hosted every holiday or family get-together, bringing us all under one household to celebrate and appreciate one another. Not one of my family members can recall a moment they caught him frowning. He was the most generous man in all aspects; if you were ever in dire need of help, you knew you could always count on Uncle Dave. Dave, or David, is a name meaning “beloved” which so wholly describes the emotion shared for any being fortunate to know my uncle. When he wasn’t Santa for Christmas, he was my loving uncle that bestowed his wondrous nature to all year round.
Like any other day, my family received a phone call from my grandma. As my mother and I scrambled to locate a phone, we listened carefully as the machine picked up my grandma’s shaky voice, “Hello?! David just had a heart attack. I-I don’t know what to say…call me back.” While my mom was redialing my grandma’s number, I was contemplating my response over the new set of circumstances. When my mom ended the call, she expressed her concern although didn’t seem too troubled. My understanding of my mother’s reaction was she speculated nothing dreadful could possibly happen to someone so youthful and alive.  My uncle, full of life as he was, did not strike me as a contender for my first experience of losing a loved one. My childish beliefs reassured me that as Santa lives on, so will my uncle.
Moments later, my grandma calls again. Without hesitation, my mom answers the phone while I paced through the hall aimlessly, not mindful of what was to come. To my greatest surprise, my mother is screaming in despair, “NO! NO! NO! YOU’RE LYING!” Despite hearing my mother cry, I still could not begin to believe what the back of my head was hiding away. When my mom said the words, “He’s dead,” sheer shock and surprise seized me as it echoed continuously through my head. I never cried more in my life; not only had my uncle passed away but my Santa was gone as well. Treating both Santa and my uncle as one entity, they died together.
I acquired many life lessons through that tough experience. An important part of facing adulthood is confronting change and saying goodbye. I now understand the pain of losing a loved one; many people face hardships I will never fully understand until I experience them firsthand so I must be sympathetic toward their pain.  As Santa lives in the North Pole, my uncle now resides even farther north, in the skies, forever my daily sunshine.
My father, the strongest man I know, is also one of my biggest inspirations in my life. He knows tough situations better than many others and with his great heart, he gets through every one. My dad always does what’s best for me and has dedicated his whole life to making my mother and I happy. He offers me advice, although he always leads the final decisions to me which inspires me to make him proud. He is the most generous person I know when it comes to the time and energy he dedicates for his loved ones. I share many deeper conversations with him; I come to him for when I am in need of wise advice for choices I need to make in my life. He deserves splendor and peace and I know in my heart that God will one day show him such a life. He inspires me to never give up, find happiness by making others happy, and make wise choices that will not only benefit yourself but others as well.
My mom is one of my greatest inspirations as well. She is tough and somehow gets through every situation that puts her down. She is determined to accomplish many wonderful things and she always manages to keep a smile on her face. I appreciate the fact that she never told me what I can’t do, she only gave me a strong moral compass to guide me but every decision in my life has been up to me. Because of this, I feel more independent and responsible for always making the right choices. I do not regret any of the choices I have made and never abused this power. I tell my mom virtually everything about how I am feeling and what is going on in my life. My mother inspires me to stay honest with myself and stay strong when tough situations appear. I have learned how to sacrifice for loved ones as she sacrifices so much for me every day. I am inspired to make her proud with my decisions that I make in life.

Dear Ron and Sue,

    I want you both to know how grateful I am that I was able to be a part of your lives and that you were a part of mine. Thank you so much for always being so kind to me and treating me like family. I always enjoyed coming over for the family dinners and you both always made me feel at home. Thank you for sharing all the silly stories and informative facts and thank you for letting me share with you my own stories. I loved learning and laughing with you all and enjoying one another’s company. You are both incredible individuals with big hearts and I’m so happy I had the opportunity to get to know you.

    To Ron: Thank you for all the puns, the fun facts, the childhood stories, and your silly work nightmares. You always made me laugh when you would tell me about your co-worker who was the “canary in the coal mine” and what new dilemma he would be causing around the office. I remember you told me that you wanted to possibly change your career path, but you felt as if you no longer had an opportunity to change what it was you were doing. Just remember it’s never too late to pursue your dreams and I believe you are capable of great success. Thank you for always being so sweet to me and always making me laugh. I remember our debate about whether or not peanuts should be allowed as airplane snacks! I loved hearing all your puns and jokes; my personal favorite was “‘I see’, said the blind man to his deaf wife”. You always seemed to have a smile on your face and I remember you laughing all the time. Thank you for sharing your joy with me.

    To Sue: You are an amazing cook and an amazing person. I looked forward to every dinner night because I knew I would be having a delicious home-cooked meal with wonderful company to match. My favorite was your Greek salad; thank you for letting me take some home one night! Thank you for letting me roll the bread rolls and not making fun of me for trying to make them perfect. Thank you for inviting my mother and I to Grand Panda; it was a fun night and I was glad to get to know you better. Congratulations on your licenses for your work and thank you for inspiring me to do good in school and never give up. You were always so kind and I am so happy to have met you.

Thank you both for letting me into your home. Thanks for letting me doodle on the chalkboard and watch “America’s Got Talent” with you. I hold nothing but sweet memories of the kindness you both offered me. My parents are also very grateful and were happy to meet you as well. I will miss you guys so much. Breakups aren’t ever easy, but what makes it harder is when you lose family members that meant a lot to you as well. You both are very determined and intelligent individuals and your success always inspired me. I wish you the very best and I hope to keep in touch.

Best Regards,

Michelle Littlefield
Sleep Deprivation in Adolescents
    A child’s worst enemy is bedtime, although sleep deprivation has become an adolescent’s worst nightmare. An individual around 13 to 19 years old, starting through puberty and ending in adulthood, is defined as an adolescent and needs sleep more than any age group.  As an adolescent, one is expected to juggle life’s demands all while going through the process of growing emotionally, psychologically, physically, and mentally. It can be a lot to manage and it’s easy to become overwhelmed, making them common victims to the negative effects of sleep deprivation. It’s an epidemic greatly affecting every age group, especially adolescents since it is a crucial time to let the body rest, rejuvenate, and restore itself. The effects of sleep deprivation have made a heavy impact in the way adolescents live their lives and continues to be a problem in modern society. Sleep in itself is a complex process that the body cannot be deprived of, and a handful of stimuli can so easily throw it off. Adolescents are more commonly affected by the use of technology at night, poor healthy habits, and stress.
    Technology of all kinds can affect the brain, especially of young adolescents, in a way that goes unnoticed. Before technology came to be, the only light source was the sun and once it set, it was time to sleep. With nocturnal animals, light makes them sleepier although with humans it tends to do the opposite: “Early on, it was demonstrated that in the nocturnal rat, light can acutely suppress activity and induce sleep, whereas in the diurnal human, light exerts an acute alerting effect” (Archer & Dijk). Phone screens simulate the light-sensitive cells in the brain and tricks it into believing it’s sunny outside. Technology is simulating daylight and when interacted with at night, it can flip the entire circadian rhythm around. Not only does this affect the ability to fall asleep, but also the quality and duration of sleep. The use of technology is a newer issue as people 100 years ago didn’t have technology so readily available and so commonly used within the household. Most adolescents have at least two forms of electronic devices in their room, usually a television, computer, and a cell phone. When studying these three electronic devices’ use at night and the effect it had on sleep, the study found that “On average, adolescents in [the] sample fell asleep one hour later and woke two hours later on weekends relative to weekdays” (Gamble). One or two hours may not seem like a sufficient amount of sleep lost, although in reality, the hours lost add up and make a significant difference.   In a recent study on cell phone use while preparing for bed, “Among those with the ringer on, being awakened by the cell phone was significantly associated with difficulty maintaining sleep” (Grandner). This is no surprise as one’s natural instincts are to be alert even when unconscious so that we may protect oneself by waking up when danger is near or approaching. Another concern with the role technology plays before bedtime would be as a mere distraction from sleeping. It’s no longer an oddity to stay up all night finishing a favorite show, beating a video game, or even just checking social media on the phone or computer, but rather a common occurrence in modern society. Whether it be a television or a cell phone, technology has made its mark on every aspect of an individual's sleep patterns.
    At the vital developing period of time of adolescents, it’s more important than ever to establish healthy habits to be carried into adulthood. A lack of exercise and a poor diet can eventually lead to obesity, which greatly affects not only sleeping patterns but overall health for the body. Sleep apnea, a breathing disorder experienced during sleep, is a common side effect of obesity and individuals who are overweight. The National Sleep Association mentions that “supervised exercise training reduced the severity of OSA”. OSA stands for obstructive sleep Apnea. The benefits of exercising are obvious, although the benefits can diminish if one exercise too late in the day. Since sleep is related to body temperature and body temperature rises when exercising, it’s harder to sleep when the body is heated and ready for action. At this day and age, caffeine is the go-to substance to satisfy food or beverage needs, accompanying its own set of side effects to the body. The more caffeine is consumed, the more it is necessary to function normally. Caffeine is responsible for a shortage of REM sleep as well as insomnia when attempting to sleep. Exercise and dieting go hand-in-hand and considering both factors as one may be the first step to tackling sleep deprivation.
    The lack of sleep amongst adolescents is incredibly troublesome and affects the way they involve themselves in daily tasks as well as interact with others. The American Psychological Association states, “Insufficient sleep has also been shown to cause difficulties in school, including disciplinary problems, sleepiness in class and poor concentration.” The brain and body cannot function properly when they are sleep deprived. Compare the body to machines, or even technology; if a computer is running low on battery, it will go into power-saving mode and limit the functions it is able to perform. As the mind and body become tired, they will enter their own version of “power-saving mode” and not function to their full potential. Another danger APA mentions in regards to sleep deprivation should be of utmost concern: “According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, for example, drowsiness and fatigue cause more than 100,000 traffic accidents each year--and young drivers are at the wheel in more than half of these crashes.” For the sake of proper cognitive functions as well as the safety of society, sleep is a vital source of energy especially  necessary for adolescents. The effects have taken their toll on the lives of many and must be analyzed and eventually resolved.
    Stress, whether it be from school, work, or home, is probably the most common cause of sleep deprivation regarding adolescents. Even the social pressure of fitting in and having a strong group of friends puts a lot of strain on an adolescent’s life. Its truly a vicious cycle as a lack of sleep can cause stress and stress can cause a lack of sleep. The demands students are required to meet for projects and papers due in school while trying to keep up with all the demands in other aspects of life can oftentimes be overwhelming and sleep isn’t even considered an option at times. Especially if an individual is trying to be financially independent, work can take up so much time and focus that school studies may slip and the work that is required will be put off until the last minute, usually resulting in sacrificing sleep to get the work done. Since most adolescents still live at home, chores are usually expected which also take up time. All the demands that an adolescent must carry can just prove too much and what is usually sacrificed is their sleep duration as well as their sleep quality.
    The effects of sleep deprivation not only causes short-term issues but long-term health concerns as well. The average recommended hours of sleep per night is 6-8 hour, anything less than that is considered sleep deprivation and repeated nights of sleep deprivation may have permanent effects. Some long-term effects of repeated sleep deprivation would be cardiovascular disease, obesity, depression, and even brain damage. The issue with these effects is that once these develop, it’s not only harder to recover from the effects themselves but it makes sleep even harder to achieve. Just one night of sleep deprivation can mess with the brain and body in impressive ways. The first night without sleep, the body releases a heavy amount of dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain which controls the reward system, initially leading to a surge of energy, positivity, and motivation. As the day goes by, the body starts to shut down regions of the brain in control of planning and evaluating decisions, causing impulsive behavior. Once the initial energy wears off, the body’s reaction time slows down, perception is altered, and cognitive functions are weakened. Not to mention, behavioral side effects of irritability or instability are commonly experienced and hard to control. As more days go by without sleep, the body develops more serious side effects, such as a weakened immune system, slowed metabolism rate, and even hallucinations. Sleep deprivation is a serious matter that should not be taken so lightly, as the negative effects can stick with an individual permanently and alter the quality of life.
    Sleep deprivation has become a greater issue in society and with that, focus should be shifted towards finding a solution to it. It affects adolescents greatly in relations to their school work, driving, and communicating with others as well. The benefits of sleep have been proven study after study and the negative effects of sleep deprivation seem to increase and worsen. With more adolescents getting sleep, who knows how much of an impact it would make on their quality of life as a whole. Instead of just wondering what major changes it would make, society needs to take the first steps into making it happen.
    The first step to recover from sleep deprivation is to identify the issues the affect a certain individual. As everybody is different, a certain set of stimuli that may cause sleep deprivation in one may not affect another. The causes of the sleep deprivation vary, although the most common causes would be the use of technology at night, unhealthy life habits, and stress. Once the causes that affect an individual have been identified, it is easier to focus on how to resolve the issues and work towards a better night’s sleep. The solution is not always simple, but is achievable, requiring lifestyle changes or awareness of a problem.
The more common forms of technology (computer, tv, and cell phone) all have one thing in common; they emit light. Not to mention that a computer and a cell phone require some form of interaction along with being a light source, it’s a dangerous combination and can be the main cause of why it so greatly affects sleep. Surprisingly enough, when they studied the effects on sleep when a radio was used, there was little to no change in sleep patterns. Some people say that listening to the radio at night or some music is the only way they can sleep, and has been proved to aid troubled sleepers. Professionals suggest that use of electronic devices stops at least an hour before going to sleep and sleep will a minimal amount of light in the room. With an hour to adjust to a dark environment with no interaction required, the brain has time to rest and relax. Some individuals have a nightly ritual of checking up on their social media before bed or say they can’t sleep without the TV on. If checking up on social media cannot be sacrificed, scheduling to sleep an hour prior to the general bedtime, and then another hour to rest without any electronic device, offers a chance not only to fit in social media but to let the body adjust. For those individuals who are afraid of the dark, keeping a night-light may be of aid; as long as it’s not a sufficient amount of light that illuminates the room, it won’t hinder the sleeping ability. If the sound of the TV is comforting, a solution without the light would be listening to the radio or some quiet music. The concern with the technology is the light it emits and the interaction it requires, although if those factors are eliminated, a deep sleep is feasible.
    A lack of exercise is a common cause of sleep deprivation as the body needs to be active in the day to be tired at night. If somebody were to sit around all day, not really moving around, the body would have all this pent up energy and when it’s time to sleep, it still has energy to burn. Exercise is a great way of aligning the body with the circadian rhythm while offering the body a more satisfying and restful sleep. When exercise intensity and nocturnal heart rate was studied, it was found “...that increased exercise intensity or duration affect nocturnal autonomic modulation in a dose–response manner, although long exercise duration was needed to see significant changes in nocturnal HRV” (Myllymäki, Rusko, Syväoja, Juuti, Kinnunen, & Kyröläinen). Basically, when an individual exercises more vigorously, the body will be more tired and more eager to sleep. Although, studies show that if one exercises too late at night, the body will be more awake due to the adrenaline rushing throughout the body. They say to finish exercising at least three hours before the planned sleeping time to give the body a chance to calm down and all of the hard work settle in. In doing so, the body will register it is tired and worn out, often with twitching muscles, and be ready to rest. Most individuals complain about not having the time or motivation to exercise, which isn't a strong excuse. As society makes time to shower, eat, etc., adolescents need to understand the importance of implementing exercise into their daily schedule as well. Planning a day out often helps to find time for activities and for the motivation concern, having a friend to exercise with as well as being knowledgeable of all the benefits of exercise tend to do the trick. As important as exercising is, eating a proper diet is just as important. Those who suffer from obesity often suffer from sleep apnea as well, making it harder to recover in both aspects:“From a behavioral perspective, those suffering from sleep apnea may be less motivated to diet or exercise – daytime sleepiness lowers their energy levels and makes it difficult to commit to an exercise and/or diet program which would improve both their weight and sleep apnea” (Davila).  Some tips to recover would be to replace caffeine with healthy snacks and avoid sugary foods. Some may argue that they cannot function without a coffee every morning or indulging in an unhealthy snack, but if they considered all the other ways these habits are hurting their body, they may start to consider alternatives. Fruit drinks and smoothies can give the body a surge of energy along with essential vitamins that fuel the body throughout the day.
As an adolescent, life offers many stresses within many different aspects, affecting them in numerous negative ways. Stress related to school is usually caused by procrastination. Starting or even finishing a homework assignment last minute can cause great levels of anxiety, increasing the heart rate and even often causing headaches. The simple solution: don't procrastinate, it's truly not worth it. Plan out daily tasks and be diligent in completing them. Prioritize what is most important to do at a moment in time and realize what action are taken in the moment may affect the future. Stress related to work is usually due to the financial responsibilities that must be met, whether that be car payments or even helping to pay rent. Be sure not to overwhelm a daily schedule with too much work and school and not enough time for anything else. If one needs to focus on school, cut back hours at work. If one needs to work more and study less, maybe become a part-time student to meet the financial responsibilities. Social stress relates mainly to the drama involved within an adolescent’s social circle. Adolescent's commonly have a romantic relationship as well as a group of diverse friends which may cause some turbulence at times. It's important to always surround oneself with good people that promote positivity. There will always be stresses in life, just approach it one issue at a time and alleviate any stresses along the way.
    When it comes down to preventing sleep deprivation, some of the more common and effective practices include aromatherapy and meditation. Aromatherapy is meant to enhance psychological and physical well-being and enhance brain function through the aroma of “essential oils”.  Meditation achieves the same goals, but through mental training and mindfulness.  Neither are exactly a cure for sleep deprivation, but through the practice of one of the other, one can expect alleviated stress, which can benefit an individual’s life in many ways and tackle the problems that can lead to a lack of a good night’s sleep.  These practices can also be used directly before bed to put the mind in a relaxed state and make it easier to not only fall asleep, but have a healthy good night’s sleep as well.  Some effective methods of aromatherapy would be to have an aromatic cotton ball by one’s bedside, spraying linens with the scents of essential oils, and drinking natural teas before bedtime.  Meditation before bedtime usually follows a series of steps that include becoming self-aware, rhythmic breathing, and generally inducing a relaxed state of mind to make the process of falling asleep much easier.  Both aromatherapy and meditation have shown great benefits to people who suffered from stress and lack of sleep: “Intense meditation practices help to achieve a harmony between body and mind. Meditation practices influence brain functions, induce various intrinsic neural plasticity events, modulate autonomic, metabolic, endocrine, and immune functions and thus mediate global regulatory changes in various behavioral states including sleep” (Nagendra).  These practices hold strong emphasis on putting the mind and body at a relaxed state, and naturally this state of mind would lead to not only a scheduled sleep, but a healthy relaxed sleep that would leave one feeling rejuvenated and relaxed the next morning.  Practicing meditation and aromatherapy outside of the purpose of sleep can affect one’s life all around in other areas, including stress and positive thinking, leading to a healthier mind and body and therefore affecting sleep patterns in the long run.  With the monumental help and benefits these practices can potentially provide, it is no doubt that meditation and aromatherapy should be included in the routine of someone struggling with stress and sleep deprivation.
    With sleep deprivation becoming a widespread problem amongst adolescents and young adults across the world, it is imperative that people should be educated on the importance of sleep to increase and enhance the qualities of one’s life all around.  Sleep is especially important during these adolescents’ years of growing and developing, and lack of sleep can put unnecessary stress and strain on the body.  Bad sleep habits are often made and carry on into young adulthood, which makes healthy sleep patterns even more important for this generation.  Especially including new technology, lifestyle habits, and stress that affect teens, today’s adolescents are at even bigger risk for bad sleep patterns. It is important that we help them develop good habits now to lead to happier, healthier, less stressful, and more focused lives. BELOW Michelle Littlefield-Holy Redeemer, Montrose CA 2011

I learned that I oftentimes “judge a book by its cover” although from past experiences, I can say I am usually right about my assumptions of an individual. Where the results said I should have answered false, I answered true within the self-fulfilling prophecies as well as the stereotypes. I can see I am at fault for self-fulfilling prophecies as I oftentimes will assume something of someone and believe it to be true because I think it is so, falling into the trap of the Thomas Theorem. There has been times where people have proved me wrong in my self-fulfilling prophecies so I definitely should give everyone the benefit of the doubt. As with stereotypes, I don’t see myself as a stereotypical person whatsoever. I think that generally, people within certain religions will act a certain way and even cultures may act certain ways as well. Of course, there is always those who act completely different from their religion and cultures as every person is different and cannot be defined by groups. I do not define people by their groups but I am knowledgeable of most religions and cultures and I am aware that their values differ and may shape an individual. Where the results said I should have answered true, I answered false within the delaying conclusions until evidence which I do agree with. I tend to make judgments before I gather up all information of a person and that leads me to interact more or less with an individual. Within the text of chapter three, it talked about making a list in your head, balancing out what works and doesn’t work in terms of dating. For me personally, there are certain habits or lifestyles that are definite game changers and so learning of them, I may judge that I can’t be with that person without even getting to completely know them. I can see that this may have kept me from getting to know some amazing people. Although I think that with dating, you can be a little more critical, especially if you aren’t just looking for a “fling”. I will be sure to stay open to learning new things about an individual before judging them and not making self-fulfilling prophecies that could be detrimental to the way I see a person after one is made.

A Window into the Future By Michelle Littlefield 

With the constant twists and turns life has to offer, it’s hard to have a clear picture of what the future may hold. Everybody dreams about living a happy and fulfilled life, although the definition of happiness is different for everyone. What matters most to me when I look ten years from now is my family and living situation as well as my career. 
A core family as well as a comfy home is part of the ideal life I plan to live. I would like to have a husband by then along with a child if not two. My husband should be my best friend as well as my love. My house will have two stories with a cozy feeling to it with plenty of paintings on the walls and vinyl records constantly playing. A suburban area where my family and I feel safe to walk the dogs or the kids to school is my essential living style. Providing my family with financial security is the key to a successful life and thus a career that pays well is vital.
To hold a career that I enjoy and pays well is truly part of the dream. I acquire many passions and interests so the job I will possess is a mystery to me. I enjoy photography, writing, and psychology so finding a career that could somehow inhibit all three into a work day is ideal. I want a job where I’m still able to come home for dinner every night with my family. A masters degree in whichever major I decide to pursue is an absolute must. I want to be able to support my family and make a contribution to society in any way I can. The picture painted in my head of the future is my version of the American Dream and I am excited to see how it all plays out.

I plan to keep my 4.0 grade point average all throughout my time at College of the Canyons. I am interested in joining clubs and being an involved student while setting a positive image for my fellow classmates. With my current selected major of Psychology, I plan to minor in business. I want to take part in the business industry, possibly as an Industrial Psychologist or as a Public Relations Practitioner. I am interested in taking Communications classes to sharpen my speaking and interaction skills, which I believe are key elements to have with any occupation I choose. I am very interested in taking part of the Honors programs that are offered and possibly take a few Honors classes. I am following the IGETC transfer program, taking the classes that are UC transferable. I have yet to decide if I am transferring to a UC or CSU university after I complete the credits I need to transfer. It all depends on if my desired occupation requires more hands-on experience or research-based education, although I look forward to making a well-informed decision soon. Following these educational goals will offer many opportunities for success. I want to get the highest level of education that I can and I am determined to take any steps needed to complete this goal. A degree is an important factor when being considered for a career, although what I find is a more essential factor is the skill, experience, and education an individual has. That is distinctly why I strive to reach all the educational goals I have set for myself so that I may have the skill to do my job as flawless as possible, the experience to be aware of my unique abilities and talents, and the knowledge to obtain a professional career.
In relations to my education, I have been recognized for my achievements last semester, earning a 4.0 grade point average. I received this letter from the College of the Canyons chancellor, Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook, which was a impressive honor in my opinion.
In relations to my current job at Six Flags, I received the 2014 Perfect Attendance Award, sharing with me their appreciation of my hard work and dedication.
I take my job as well as my education very seriously and put forth all my effort to go above and beyond what is expected. I enjoy learning and engaging in new experiences.
During high school, I was part of the Key Club, which is a well-known volunteer service club offered to high school students. I would often volunteer at the senior centers around the Santa Clarita Valley, assisting in various tasks from serving food to cleaning or organizing paperwork. I found that volunteering was a very rewarding experience and I made many friends in the process. I enjoyed giving back to my community and bringing a little joy to the elderly citizens of SCV.
I didn't realize what a significant difference it would make to enter college and move past the free education of high school. All of the money I put into my savings account from working all summer after high school went entirely to paying for my first semester of college, including the textbooks that were oftentimes the same price of an entire class. Due to my financial situation, I only took four classes instead of taking five which I initially planned to do. My parents couldn't help me as much as they wanted to as they were (and still are) struggling financially just keeping up with the necessity payments. This semester I struggled to find the money to pay for classes as well as textbooks. I decided not to buy a few of my required textbooks for some classes this semester because I was not able to afford them. To keep up with my studies, I spend hours at our school library to read the textbooks and work on my homework there. Despite the tough financial time I am having, I am still determined to keep my grades high and put in the necessary time to study. I've learned a lot from my endeavors as they have pushed me to work harder than ever to keep up a high GPA and earn my degree. I believe that earning my Bachelors degree will be a major accomplishment that will positively impact my life. With it, more opportunities will be available to me to work for a higher-paying job thus being able to support myself and save money for my future. Depending on which occupation I decide to pursue, I am interested in possibly working towards a Masters degree as I would love to have the opportunity to extend my learning experience and sharpen my knowledge in either Psychology, Business, or Communications.
Below - Artwork done by  Emery Schulz. - Thank you Emery : )

Michelle Littlefield She actually got scholarship until the last day of her life. We are always so proud of Michelle Littlefield She is amazing , always pursuing her goals with courage and determination. You did it , you graduated with honors. God received you to celebrate and your daddy and I celebrated as well every day of your remarkable journey. We love you forever until we meet again. <3 <3
I scored fairly high on the Costs Subscale, revealing that I feel there are many negative consequences for children due to maternal employment. I feel as if this is due to how I was raised as child. 

My dad worked long hours and usually didn’t get home till around 8 at night while my mom was always at home. My parents used to own a karate school until I was about 10. I was lucky to always be with my parents, even at their workplace since it was their dojo so I never had a babysitter growing up. After the karate school closed, my mom decided to dedicate herself to my needs, whether it be school, extra-curricular activities, or just driving me to and from place to place. She became a full-time mom and I feel as if I gained an appreciation for this form of parenting, although I feel I will be different with my kids. I liked always having my mom around, but after I got a job and became more independent, I felt as if she would’ve been happier if she had a job to occupy more of her time. I personally love to work and I enjoy the fulfillment I get when receiving my paycheck. I like the idea of my future husband and I both working and contributing to bills together, but I fear the effects it may have on my children. It’s important to have a mother there for a child so I hope that I may have a flexible schedule with whatever occupation I decide to pursue. My main concerns about working as a mother is the disconnection I would have with my child. I fear my child growing up and not being there to see it happen. I really appreciated my mom always being able to support me in any activities I was participating in and willingly driving me anywhere I needed to be. Not having a babysitter, I do not understand firsthand the effects that may have on a child. Always having my mother around, I did feel like I could count on my mom for anything and I never felt abandoned which is the way I want my kid to feel. Ideally, I hope that I will be able to balance out my work life and being a mother when the time comes. If my future husband and I are able to afford living with just one of us being the breadwinner, I will give up my job to be there for my child. If anything, I will put my child’s needs first. By Michelle Littlefield

I would say that what makes a family/marriage strong is subjective and is case-by-case as everyone is different and what may work for some may not work for others. Although we can pinpoint the key characteristics of a healthy family/marriage which include honesty, communication, and emotional connectedness. Honesty is important as it builds trust which puts anyone involved in the relationship at ease while lies will add worrisome thoughts. Being able to talk to someone about anything help builds intimacy, trust, and togetherness which is why they always say “Communication is key”. Emotional connectedness I find to be incredibly important in any healthy relationship, whether it be a family or a marriage. Someone you are emotionally connected to will be able to get along with you beyond the surface, appreciate you for who you are as a person, and communicate with you on a deeper level. My specific opinion has developed over time from all sources, although I would say I developed my opinion mainly from observing others as well as my own experiences.
by Michelle Littlefield
I definitely agree that respect is an important value, both on the receiving end as well as offering respect to others. There's always going to be people in life that we don't necessarily get along with or agree with, but it's important to respect the opinions of others as you wish they would respect yours as well. Having respect for everybody will establish peace within every healthy relationship, whether it be a friend, a co-worker, a family member, or a significant other. 
I am...afraid, curious, determined.
I decide what to do, about everything, and stick with it.
I have some direction in life and know that I’m on the right path.
I would like to change: The limits that I set for myself and what I am capable of.
If all goes well in the next 5 years, I will be following a path to a career that I am passionate about. 
If things go poorly in the next 5 years, I will still be lost at what to do with no direction to go in.
I see myself as an individual who is highly self-motivated, but doesn’t quite know which direction to go into. I have developed confidence, maturity, and determination through my current job and I wish to carry that into my desired career path. I fear making the wrong choice so I’m keeping all my options open. I am constantly changing my mind as to what I am capable of accomplishing and what it is that I want to become. I hope that in 5 years, I have already chosen a career and I would be pursuing whatever schooling, interning, or training required for my desired occupation. I want to be passionate about my career choice and have no doubts that I chose what it is that I want to do for my life.
Building positive self-esteem is important because you need to believe in yourself to find the motivation to pursue your career. You need to be knowledgeable of your capabilities and also not be afraid to challenge yourself. Self-esteem is having the confidence in yourself to follow your dreams and reach your goals.
My job really strengthened my interpersonal skills as I am required to constantly communicate with both my coworkers as well as guests. I have learned to pick up on social cues and body language, as well as how to communicate with others in any mindset or mood. I would like to develop my bodily intelligence while also having the drive to put that knowledge to work. It’s hard to find time to go to the gym with work and school, but I have to learn to fit it into my schedule for my health.
Emotional Intelligence is when you aware of the emotions harnessed by yourself as well as others around you, while also being able to utilize your emotions to resolve issues maturely. One moment I can recall of when I used Emotional Intelligence is when I was dealing with an upset guest at work because the ride they were waiting for was non-operational at that time. I listened to their concerns, empathized, and apologized; they appreciated my sympathetic disposition and were no longer upset.

I identify with the Millennial/Generation Y generation, although I'm not so submersed into social media and technological advancements as my peers. I like to imagine that despite all the technology within society, we are still capable of interacting with others in person. If I have the opportunity to see somebody in person, I rather communicate with them in that form rather than texting them. They say that most millennial individuals attended day care and had "helicopter" parents, when in actuality, I never have been put into daycare and my parents are far from helicopter parents. I do not prefer texting over talking in person in most cases. Although I am very achievement oriented in a sense. I like to make to-do lists and completing them gives me great satisfaction.
I think it's important to understand the generational differences in the workplace so that you know the barriers one may face and how to overcome them. For example, if a Baby Boomer was working in the office, it’s important to introduce them to the newer technology that millennials may be more knowledgeable of and comfortable working with.

Professor Kim Rawley 
English 094 MW
6 September 2014
A Window into the Future
    With the constant twists and turns life has to offer, it’s hard to have a clear picture of what the future may hold. Everybody dreams about living a happy and fulfilled life, although the definition of happiness is different for everyone. What matters most to me when I look ten years from now is my family and living situation as well as my career. 
A core family as well as a comfy home is part of the ideal life I plan to live. I would like to have a husband by then along with a child if not two. My husband should be my best friend as well as my love. My house will have two stories with a cozy feeling to it with plenty of paintings on the walls and vinyl records constantly playing. A suburban area where my family and I feel safe to walk the dogs or the kids to school is my essential living style. Providing my family with financial security is the key to a successful life and thus a career that pays well is vital.
To hold a career that I enjoy and pays well is truly part of the dream. I acquire many passions and interests so the job I will possess is a mystery to me. I enjoy photography, writing, and psychology so finding a career that could somehow inhibit all three into a work day is ideal. I want a job where I’m still able to come home for dinner every night with my family. A masters degree in whichever major I decide to pursue is an absolute must. I want to be able to support my family and make a contribution to society in any way I can. The picture painted in my head of the future is my version of the American Dream and I am excited to see how it all plays out.   Michelle Littlefield

Michelle Littlefield
Professor Tripp
History 120
25 November 2015
A Change of Pace
My mother, Hilda Gisela Littlefield, was born on September 21, 1963 in Guayaquil, Ecuador. She received the name Hilda from her mother, my grandmother, although she goes by Gigi Littlefield. She was born Hilda Gisela Castillo until she married my father. Castillo means castle in spanish, a reference to the royalty held within the name through our ancestors in Spain. She grew up with her mother and father and was the youngest of her three brothers and two sisters, living in a small but comfortable house in her hometown, Guayaquil. She attended the University LAICA of Ecuador when she was 19, studying communications and stayed for about 3 years. She married for the first time at this time and stayed married for four years until she got a divorce. She worked for a few magazine companies, writing articles and eventually becoming an editor of one of them. She worked on the radio as well for a short period of time until she started getting involved with sales. She married a second time when she was 25, stayed married for four years until she got her second divorce. She attended University of URDESA in Ecuador, studying TV communications for approximately 2 years. During her schooling at URDESA, she was on TV, hosting talk-shows and at the time, dabbled in astrology and became famous for being a palm reader. Although she didn’t finish her schooling or receive a degree, she gained a lot of experience with communications that she carries with her throughout her life.
When she reached the age of 30, she decided to leave her home country and come to the US. Her reasoning behind it was she wanted to separate from her ex as well as become a professional writer. She had a bit of a language barrier as she knew little English at the time and was away from all of her family and friends. She lived with her cousin for a while, trying to stabilize her life and get a new job. She worked as a Fiber Optics tester for about a year and then worked for Sears in the warehouse for just a few months. She met my father when she was 32 and after merely a month of knowing each other, they decided to get married. Just a few months after being married she got pregnant and had her very first daughter, Michelle (me). My uncle introduced my mother to real estate and helped her become a real estate agent. While she was working for my uncle, she went to Glendale Community College and studied Business and Filing Techniques. She eventually changed her study to Business Law and received her diploma while she was pregnant. My mother and father rented their first house together in Glendale near my grandmother on my father’s side where I spent most of my childhood. They saved up a lot of money and invested in their own business, a karate school. My mother taught classes and held other responsibilities such as organizing files, making deals, answering the phone, etc. The name of their company was Patriot Martial Arts and the studio was located in Eagle Rock. It was very successful and my mother loved her job; she enjoyed working with children and seeing them progress and grow. The landlord of our house passed away and a company bought all of her property and wanted to tear the houses down and build a hotel, forcing us to move out. My mom and uncle, being real estate agents, looked around for the best place to live at the time and decided on a city called Sunland. My mom and dad invested in buying their very first house there, starting a new set of opportunities and challenges.
The house in Sunland was a one story house with big bedrooms and a huge front yard. The karate school was about 30 minutes away from where we then lived, which wasn’t bad but still not ideal. After 5 years of having Patriot, my mom and dad decided to sell it and move on. After saying goodbye to Patriot, my mom focused more on her real estate work. She did well for a while until the economy crashed and not as many people wanted to buy houses. My parents decided after a few years to open up another karate school in Sunland, but it wasn’t nearly as successful due to location and bad timing in the economy. It unfortunately needed to close down after only about a year. My mother then became more of a stay-at-home mom, with some real-estate work on the side. As I entered middle school, I was put into a public school for a day where my mom went with me the very first day of school so she may be involved in the PTA. She hated the school and refused to send me back the next day. She found a private school in Montrose called Holy Redeemer where I attended for 3 years. She devoted her time, money, and energy to giving me a really great life and offering me the opportunities for many fun experiences.
As I reached my high school years, she looked around for which schools would be best and ultimately decided to move. We moved to a well-sized house in Stevenson Ranch that she picked out with her real estate “expertise”. She thought West Ranch high school would be a good choice as it was a new school with great credentials and my dad supported her all throughout her ideas and goals. Eventually, my family ran through some financial issues and we had to move once more into an apartment in Valencia that my mom was not so fond of. Despite my mom’s lack of interest for our current living situation, she’s still happy with her life and wouldn’t have lived it any other way. My mom and dad have been married now for 20 years and still strong.
Although she misses her jobs related to communications that she held back in Ecuador, my mother finds being a stay-at-home mom to be very rewarding. I have never had a baby-sitter in my life and she made sure of that. She was able to see her daughter grow up and learn and become the person I am today. My mother says she would’ve liked to have another child, but she was not in a well-suited financial situation at the time she was able to have one. She says, “Meeting your father was the greatest adventure of my life.” After meeting him, she was able to live all the dreams she wasn’t able to back in Ecuador. She created a family, owned a business, and made a new life for herself in a new country. She shares that “ was very hard to completely separate myself hundreds of miles away from my closest friends and family, but it was the greatest decision I ever made.” Moving to a completely new country is a drastic change, especially with a language barrier. She now speaks fluent English as well as her Spanish and has so many experiences of both countries that she holds dear. Her mother died when she was only 18 and her father died shortly after she moved. For some holidays and special occasions, she visits Ecuador to see her brothers, sisters, and childhood friends. She still talks most of her friends on the phone as it feels like there is still a little piece of home she’s connected with. She feels that being a woman in her day and age, it wasn’t difficult for her to find a job and receive all the opportunities she wanted to achieve. She still writes as a hobby, but realizes how hard it is to become involved with TV communications here in LA opposed to Ecuador. It’s still a dream of hers to write a book, something she’s added to her bucket list. She also desires to retire in her own house, living by the beach. She’s devoted her life to being a wonderful mother and in doing so, her and I have a really great relationship. She is an amazing, brave woman and I feel lucky to have her as a mother.

Dearest Auntie Cuca,

I know its a day later, but I would just like to say happy birthday to my auntie. You deserve the joyous celebration for every life you have touched and improved each day. I am mindful that you not only are generous with me and my family, but you help other members of our family and society at large.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for me. My life would be incredibly different without you in it and all the help you offered me and my family. For starters, my braces helped me in so many ways. My teeth were really bad before and I never thought I’d be able to have to opportunity to fix them. You gave me that chance. It helped my self esteem extremely and my confidence and I am so thankful that I was able to have them. I really appreciate you making the effort to give me the opportunity to improve my teeth and I have been smiling more ever since. So thank you. Next, my nose surgery. As of now, I could not be happier and I am so glad I did the operation. So thank you SO much for paying for my operation. It changed my face drastically and I can tell a noticeable difference and my confidence is so much higher since I did it. I feel prettier and like a whole different person.

I know throughout the years of my life, you’ve always been there for me and my family whenever we needed help and I could not be more grateful. Thank you for always helping out when you can. The situation .............. put a lot of strain on my family and it was hard to stay positive and hopeful through it all. Although, with your help and support I was able to believe that it will all eventually work out. You reunited my family.

Ever since I was young, I was blessed to be able to travel all around the world. I was able to go to Colorado and learn to ski. I was able to go to Ecuador a few times and visit my mother’s home country. Thank you for always letting us stay in your house and making us feel at home. I remember visiting Miami, Florida a couple times as well and having a wonderful time. My most recent trip to Peoria, Illinois was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed being able to be with my family; I enjoyed getting to bond with my cousins and uncle Xavier.

You’ve given me so many beautiful gifts for all different occasions. I am actually wearing one of the rings you gave me. All the jewelry and clothes you ever given me I cherish so much. Thank you for always being so generous.

Thank you for being such a wonderful sister to my mother. She really loves you and tells me all the time how wonderful of a person you are. Our family looks up to you for being an incredible human being who is generous and caring. My dad and I often have conversations on how you’ve helped our family and he is very appreciative of that fact. You are the greatest aunt a niece could ever have. You have been more than just an aunt. You have given my family and I many wonderful opportunities and you are like our guardian angel.

I have been working very hard to get good grades. My first semester of college ended about a week ago and I finished all my classes with straight A’s, the highest score you can receive in a class.  I am planning to join an Honors Society as well as apply for Scholarships to be recognized for my academic achievements. I am determined to continue to keep high scores and use my education to further my career and build my independent future.

Thank you again for all the blessings you have offered to my family and I. May God bless you in return for your charity, generosity, consideration, and love you have bestowed upon the world. May God bless you with his peace, love,  good health, wealth, and continued happiness.
With Love,
                       Michelle Littlefield

Above Michelle L. and Cesar Q.

I found this Christmas card from Michelle,(Dec.2015) only two months before she went to heaven . 
Precious memories that always will remain us how blessed we are to heaven opportunity to be parents of an angel. We miss you every second , minute, hour of the day and we always will . We love you here to the stars and beyond
 Above Michelle and Skye   Below Michelle With Skye at Sea World 

 Michelle Mom and Skye Sea World Beach

  • Michelle Littlefield
    November 7, 2010 Michelle Littlefield thx, u too. :) yea, im getting a hair cut 2morrow, but just a trim. :D
  • Yozabel Arlene Sanchez Ahhhh omg michelle (:
    U look the samee I miss my sunland buddys<33 awww we've changed so so much.!
  • Michelle Littlefield omg yozabel!!! <3 :D u look the same too i miss my sunland buddies also!! i cant believe it, we havent talked in like 5 years!!! so nice 2 see you!!
  • Yozabel Arlene Sanchez Eeepppp heheh I noe im so glad u guys have a facebook<3 awwww ima cry lol ('':
  • Michelle Littlefield lol i know!<3 i was so shocked to figure out that like all of my sunland buddies have a facebook :D i was like freaking out! lol, we were all so little! i still have like all the yearbooks!!<3
  • Yozabel Arlene Sanchez Awww I have all the year books too and I just look at how grown we are and them I look at the yearbook and I start tearing up hehe all the memories <33
  • Michelle Littlefield i know, so many memories!! <3 and i love to like...look at the yearbooks and then the facebook pics and see the comparison of how much we have changed, but we all still look the same in one way.
  • Yozabel Arlene Sanchez We do awww what school do u go to.???:)
  • Michelle Littlefield well, sadly, i dont live in sunland anymore. i moved like in june this year. now i live in stevenson ranch. its like 30 minutes away from sunland. so i go to a school named west ranch. do u go to verdugo?
  • Yozabel Arlene Sanchez Awww )': I still live in little old sunland and yes I go to verdugo (: awww man I thought u still lived around hear
  • Michelle Littlefield sunland was nice for my years, but i lived in the same house for like 7 years, so my parents thought it was time to move. so anything exciting happen in sunland? is that big ex- kmart home depot thing still empty? lol. or do u not know what im talking anyways, hows verdugo? does like everybody from sunland go there?
  • Yozabel Arlene Sanchez Yea omg the ex kmart is still empty lol (x and some ppl like katrina vogel, mich, uhm michael, erick, uhhmmm melissa wykoff, or how ever u spell it lol and uhmm a few other ppl I dont remember hehe. .
  • Michelle Littlefield lol. thats awesome!! do u ever talk to any of em still?
    and i dont think they will ever put anything in that ex-kmart place. lol.
  • Yozabel Arlene Sanchez Yea I still talkk to them hehe and I noe its been like that for years I want kmart back lol.!!
  • Michelle Littlefield thats awesome! :D
    and i know! i still remember shopping there and trying on random sunglasses on the stand...ahh memories. also, one 4th of july, i was on a parade float again home depot coming in there. i still remember all our little cheers. "hey clown, get outta town, home depot's going down!" or "no home depot!!! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! *smile* " lol.
  • Yozabel Arlene Sanchez Hahah ahh your adorable hehe:) awww we all need to reunite again lol
  • Michelle Littlefield hahaha. so r u! :D omg! we have to! somebody should throw like a sunland elementary reuniting party so we could all see each other! <3
  • Yozabel Arlene Sanchez Hehehr totally (: that would be awesome (: lol
  • Michelle Littlefield lol yes. :D ah sunland.. i remember those selling contests we used to have so we get some random prizes that they buy for like a dollar at the 99 cents store. it was like a big event like once every year. we were all so crazed about those prizes. xD and i remember they introduced us to like these curly shoelaces that we never had to tie. lol.
  • Yozabel Arlene Sanchez Oh yeaaa the shoe laces omg now that I think of it there so lamee lol.!:p hehe well im going to get off michelle it was great talking to u again(: bye take care have a good night <3
  • Michelle Littlefield lol, yea, i bought a pair and they never worked. i could never get them into my shoes. lol. :D kk, nice talkin with ya yozabel! so nice catching up. u take care too! hope everything stays awesome over there in sunland<3
  • Nicolee Polamalu awwh you're pretty! : )
  • Michelle Littlefield haha aww thx :D so are you!! :D


  1. It's so hard for me at this point to find forgiveness I try to really really hard - this was so stupid by a 35year old "man" do be so careless and for what!!??? But for the sake of my sweet cousin who is now resting in peace and my Aunt and Uncle who lead by example I can not hate but I truly can not forgive just yet!!!! We love you Michelle Marilyn Littlefield!!!!!

  2. The perpetrator of this heinous act deserves the severest punishable sentence possible. His acts were deliberate with wanton disregard for others. He made his choice for himself and others. Take responsibility for that choice.

  3. The perpetrator of this heinous act deserves the severest punishable sentence possible. His acts were deliberate with wanton disregard for others. He made his choice for himself and others. Take responsibility for that choice.