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We all have heavy hearts from time to time - When a loved one moves on, we need to say goodbye

My dear Michelle Littlefield . My beautiful angel . You are in every day of my life when I close my eyes at night in all my prayers, dreams , projects and every second and minute , I'm sorry it's imposible for me not to see you everywhere that I go , and it's really a gift because I miss you too much . I know you would like me to continue on this journey with a positive attitude, strength and happiness and I definitely work on this pretty hard and with God's help I will do it also because I want you to feel proud of me and from heaven send me your thumbs up. Do not worry I'll
Continue being funny and smiling . The same mom who shared so many incredible moments that made you laugh without any reason , your mom with a freely and adventure spirit . I love you with all my heart and I thank God for giving me one of his most precious angels . Gigi 

Sometimes, ah Many Times we just need to grieve, cry and mourn. It is right and healthy.
Take note of the WATCHMAKER in the sky and see the dials of His Timepiece spin. Always and forever the lights are on and GOD is ALWAYS PRESENT - Time is a vision of Eternity in a way that our minds can comprehend in small portions.

Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman: Time To Say Goodbye (HD) Live From Teatro Del Silenzio, Italy / 2007 Listen to the best of Andrea Bocelli here:

6-6 2017
Michelle Michelle Littlefield my Michi , my everything. I remember when few days before the event that changed our lives forever you came to me and you said that I need a hug and hugged me . I was feeling so happy , I had ever expect that could be the last hug from you at least in the physical way because now I feel all the time those spirituals hugs when I need them the most . I won't lie is an unbearable pain ,too hard to live without you , but God is by my side , he comforts me and giving me peace to my heart He is the only one can help us like always said to you . Today we were celebrating a special day , your graduation from high school a big accomplishment , we are so proud of you , send us your love from heaven , hug us in our dreams by the way I like to see those messages on my cell , my precious girl don't forget we love you forever until we meet again mommy Gig and daddy Willy Jay

ROMINA ROSERO - "Still can't believe that more than a day has passed since the unbelievable accident happened. Since Michelle Littlefield and many other lives were stolen. In my mind time has frozen and while my body moves with the days, my mind is frozen. I'm not sure when it will catch up with reality, but I hope it doesn't, because I don't ever want to forget what happened. I don't ever want to forget Michelle Littlefield. She was very much a little sister to me in my eyes, and having virtually no relatives living nearby, her family became my family over the years. Their pain is very much my pain. Her death is a stab in the chest for me and I walk with an invisible wound in my heart. When she died a part of me died with her forever. She took with her all the memories and love she ever received from anyone, and no one can take that away not even death. She was loved and she knew it, that much is a fact. If I close my eyes and focus I can still hear the sound of her voice and laughter. Whenever I meditate, whenever I am alone with my thoughts, and whenever I feel pain I will remember her sweet melodic voice, so as to not forget her. She was an admirable, kind, funny, caring, and every positive attribute one could ever desire in a human being. She was mature for her age, and wise beyond her years. She was not afraid to be herself. She was hard-working, and raised by two exemplary parents whom I care about and highly respect. They have also had a hand in raising me to become the strong, and determined person I am today. If I am who I am by having received only a part of what they gave Michelle , then I can only imagine the mark Michelle Littlefield would have left on the world. I know that I will do my best each day and in carrying a part of her with me I know that she will also succeed, because her memory lives within me, and her influence left a permanent mark in my life. I miss my little sister so dearly, I love her so much and wish her all the best. She is by far the strongest person I've known, and hopefully I'll get to meet her again. It was a privilege to have watched her develop into the person she was. I hope her life story influences others to value each other and have respect for life in general. Materal things can be restored, but a human life cannot. We need to reteach our world that value lies in the heart of people, and not in a price tag, or looks. To spend more time with each other and not our phones. To give each other undivided attention and nothing less. The absence of love leads to hate and that is just poisoning oneself. We were all children once and so as much as I want to hate the boys that were at fault for all the pain and suffering their actions caused, I realize that they are people too. I need to be the example. I need to show what love and forgiveness looks like. I feel anger and hurt within, but I also know that the boys are also humans. Humans who made a deadly mistake, which we are all capable of. We all make mistakes that come with a price. Nothing in this world is free, and so for their costly actions they will pay a price. That price is too costly for money. They can't buy their way out of this. The most expensive price to pay is with one's life, and time, because that can never be returned. I hope that one day they will both shed tears and feel at least a quarter of the pain Michelle Littlefield 's and the other victim's families felt, because if they do. If they do shed tears of guilt and remorse over what they have done, then I think that would be justice. I think there is no greater torture than the human mind. We create our world in our mind and I hope their world is constantly reminded of what they have done.

My heart just breaks for you and your family. I just want you to know that there are many strangers out there who hold their children closer because of your daughter. She has created a spreading of love that reaches beyond your circle of friends. Many people are holding your family close and sending prayers.

Above - Michelle at Holy Redeemer Middle School In Montrose, CA (May 10, 2009)

Michelle Littlefield and Laurel Carrillo above - Below -Laurel wrote the Following 11-14-2016
Michelle & I's friendship truly began our senior year of high school in our AP Psychology class. We had been friends before but lost touch due to differing class schedules. On the first day of class I saw Michelle enter and asked her to sit next to me excited to see a familiar face. We quickly became comfortable with one another as if the time spent apart was nothing. That class became our time together to vent and gossip about everything going on in our high school lives. Looking back on that time of my life, Michelle was someone who was there for me when not many were. I was fighting my own battles and having someone to talk to meant the world. After high school, Michelle and I continued our friendship to college. We both attended College of the Canyons and arranged our class schedules together to be able to carpool and to continue our classroom chatter. Michelle was always driven to
do well in school and was my motivation to push myself to do my best as well. We would constantly procrastinate our assignments and wind up skyping all night together to finish. We bonded over sleepless nights and tired mornings. It was always nice knowing that at 1 am when I couldn't sleep I could txt Michelle and she'd be in the same boat. I looked forward to picking her up in the morning for school, she made days better and brighter. On several occasions while in our classrooms or roaming the campus people would ask, "Are you two sisters?" and it got to a point where we would laugh and say, "we outta be!". Michelle and I had very similar personalities and views on life, our friendship was effortless. Along with school we both worked at Six Flags Magic Mountain together. I looked forward to the shifts where I could go to her ride and say a quick "hey michelley!" and a "see you soon!"
I could be myself with Michelle and I felt she could be herself with me too. The Wednesday before she passed we went on a ice cream date after our class where we caught up on usual topics of boys, school, and life's obstacles. After the ice cream and the conversation we both felt much better and we left off with a hug goodbye. The week went on as normal I texted her a few times asking about an assignment and wishing her a good day at Disneyland. That Saturday I got the news of the car accident she and her co workers had gotten in. And just like that, my best friend was gone. To this day I am frustrated and heartbroken that someone as pure as Michelle could lose their life in such an unnecessary way. I will keep the many memories we shared together with me always. Miss you Michelley.

Love is a miraculous feeling that gives us strength and hope even in the most painful moments. Also patience to way for a sign , maybe a yellow flower growing in your garden that you never seen before or a simple beam streaming through your window cherishing your heart. Definitely love never ends. Finally we understand that loves sometimes involves the sacrifice of letting go so you can open your wings and be free. Daddy Willy and I will keep you so close and deep , filling every day of our lives until we meet again . Farewell my dear angel, tell everyone we said hi, ask God to send us some amazing grace and may we all partake of the tree of life.May we all be quick to forgive and be quick to know God. Daddy and mama love you here to the stars and beyond.-----
Precious moment with my great niece Joanna, . My sisters , my brothers,my entire family, friends, co-workers, friends of Michelle with their families , Six Flag Magic Mountain members and staff ,people from the church , thank you , my husband and I really appreciate all the love and support . Michelle , thank you my sweet angel ,she left a trail of love and unity for the whole world. I know you are smile upon us and saying my mission on earth is completed. We will miss you immensely but time and space extend infinitely with a connection that transcend all human understanding , we send many kisses and hugs to heaven. Your mommy Gigi and daddy Willy

Alfonso Morillo 5 - 5 2016 with Michelle Littlefield and Brian Lewandowski.
I'm so glad I remember all the great times I was able to spend with Michelle, Brian, and Anthony. From being co-leads all together from Green Lantern/Complex 1 to hanging outside of work. Our group text messages were a great way of keeping in contact with each other when the area switch happened and we all moved to different ride locations. I'm just so happy that we stayed in touch with each other and made sure to make plans along the way. I can honestly say I have so many memories to talk about from just being around you guys, and I'm glad that we made it worth it. From random trips to the beach or eating out after work; even going out of work during our lunch break.
Our last day all together at Disney Resort on February 26, 2016, I'm so glad we all spent time together; especially at a place we all really loved to go to hang out at. It was such a wonderful day; the sun was out and we got there on a perfect day, even though it was around noon when we arrived. The first thing we did was get Fast Passes to Hyperspace Mountain, because Michelle and Anthony haven't tried it yet; we were able to get the passes, and after that we decided to spend our day over at Disney's California Adventure, a place that we haven't really hung out at together, so we went over there. It was so much fun that we got to spend time at DCA, we did all the big rides and attractions. It was getting darker and we were deciding to go home, but Michelle had an awesome idea to watch the fireworks since we always skip it, and so we did. We made our way back inside Disneyland and luckily Michelle found a perfect spot by the castle and towards the middle, and we just looked up and enjoyed the fireworks. It was really magical and I will never forget that moment. After the fireworks we decided to hang out so more at Disneyland, and at around 11:30 we got in the car and I knocked out once we got on the freeway. After knocking out, the most horrible thing happened to all of us. The accident that changed our lives forever.
I know Michelle and Brian are watching and listening down from Heaven; watching over your families, and helping me and Tony heal and recover. I reminisce about all the times we spent together and it makes me miss you guys even more. I have to be strong for you guys, because you guys were always strong. Thank you for being great friends; thank you for the memories; thank you for helping me to continue to heal; and all these amazing memories will be forever in my heart and mind. I will never forget.
May 1, 2016 at 5:35pm · Los Angeles · Alfonso

Matt Butler - I honestly am at a lost for words. You four do not deserve what has happened. I'm going to miss you Michelle and you as well Brian. You both were just the best co workers I've worked with. Tony and Alfonso keep fighting, you'll be strong together and we'll be here for you both forever and always. Rest in paradise Michelle and Brian


Goodbye [In Memory of Michelle Littlefield]
6-19-2016 Father's Day 2016
Willy - Dear Michelle, Happy Father's Day - Thank you for being my daughter and for giving me the experience of being your Father in this life. From the first days that you came from Heavenly Father to live with us you made us very happy.
Being a father is a scary thing, for me I wanted to make sure you would have everything you needed, I was not sure that I would be able to provide for you and your mom.
I soon learned that being a father and a parent was very rewarding and fulfilling. I loved being loved, wanted and being called Daddy.
I wanted to be better and to dedicate myself to GOD and to your mom and you.
I was taught that a being Father and a Man's job on this earth are to represent GOD'S love and His goodness. I tried and grew in trying. No I was not perfect, but I do know that you knew Love, a Father's Love and GOD'S love through me. We were being blessed.
I was blessed to be close to you and to seek GOD by wanting to serve you and being a good dad. I love your mom and I reminded you of that often.
I loved kissing you on your head, hugging you and squeezing you and asking you "who loves you?". It was a privilege to drive you to school, college and work.
I always liked helping you to bed at night.
Sometimes we would pray together and sometimes you were already asleep and I would pray for you.
Often I would whisper in your ear "daddy loves you" and I would invite the Angels to watch over and protect you.
In your youth Yes I did spoil you, I enjoyed buying you toys and little girl clothes. I realized that I really did love dolls, because you were my little doll and I loved you. You mom is a big doll that I love too!
I enjoyed all the time we had together with your mom and I teaching you reading, writing, arithmetic and martial arts........ You had many friends in martial arts including your cousins, and many "adopted" brothers, sisters, aunts, uncle and parents. You had the great capacity to love and be loved. You became loving and tough!
In the family activities we had fun mixing it up visiting and playing with each other. All the while I was your dad and proud of you.
I gave you a Father's Blessing, I blessed you that you would know that you are a child of GOD, a spirit person in a body that transcends this life. I take comfort in that blessing.
I would like to say I completely understand and comprehend why you were called back to Heavenly Father so soon. I DO NOT!
Many parts of this are completely senseless. 
GOD does protect your Mom and I. We have much pain in losing you. But GOD has lifted rage, hate and anger out of our hearts.
We believe in GOD'S justice, grace, mercy and fairness.
We trust in GOD and His Goodness. GOD IS IN CONTROL.
Here is what I do know. It has been an Honor and a Blessing to be you Father on Earth. I take much pride in being "Michelle's Father" I am proud of that title. 
I declare before GOD, Mankind, and Angels that I LOVE YOU and I will always love you. I again thank GOD for you. I love GOD and I love you my Daughter. GOD be with you till me meet again.
Your Father on Earth.
Doll and Princess - Michelle Marylin Littlefield 

Sarah Kholos  I can't sleep knowing that something so tragic has happened. Michelle Littlefield was such a beautiful young woman inside and out. She & her family were like family to me. I will always cherish our memories together at Patriot Martial Arts.
There are no words to express how thankful I am for the opportunities I was given at Patriot. I would not be the person I am today w/out that experience. Thank you Nestor YlaganWilly Jay, & Gigi Littlefield for EVERYTHING! You all truly changed my life.
Sending my thoughts & prayers to the family. Michelle's memory & good spirits will live on forever.
Life is so precious; it isn't always fair. "Every hurt is a lesson, and every lesson makes you better."
Gigi -I knew you only had god given the wings for you to be with me, I am grateful for so much for that time even though it was short is lost in the infinity of my soul. I promise I will hold you in my heart until my last breath and to extend that immense love that you left in the world to the other side of the rainbow where sure expect us. I love you so much and you don't know how much I miss you πŸ’πŸŒ»πŸ˜‡

"I just want to say I knew Michelle in HIGH SCHOOL. There was no one like this beautiful girl. She was so gifted and truly blessed with a pure heart and soul. She is one of the few people I've met in my life with such a loving, kind, pure hearted spirit. She cared about everyone and loved everyone regardless of what they looked like and regardless of there flaws she was always accepting and loving towards each person she has ever met. What a blessing she was to have someone like her in this world, I am so so blessed to have known her and to have spoken with her over the years. I hope one day I see her in heaven, I pray for the family that have to suffer through this tragic time, and to Michelle's parents you gave the world a blessing that they will remember forever. I will forever remember Michelle and she will be in my heart and others hearts forever. Prayers and peace to Michelle's family and friends. My heart and my prayers go out to you. May god bless you. And comfort you and give you peace."

 Aldo Salvador Flores "I am literally at a loss of words, At one point you were all my leads at work, I have never felt this kind of pain before, the pain of losing someone, Brian Lewandowski you were so chill to be around, I remember how we would always complain about taking Flash at work, Michelle Littlefield the last time I saw you was last week after my shift and went to Goliath, and you were hard at work like always, but when my train was leaving you looked up and waved bye, these are the memories I will cherish of both of you, may you both Rest in Paradise ❤️❤️
Now Anthony Miramontes and Alfonso, fight and don't stop fighting, you guys are a force of nature, and I pray that you will pull through this πŸ’ͺ🏻❤️memories of Michelle Littlefield’s friends post . Aldo Salvador Flores Thank you all , God bless you

The LORD'S prayer holds me and makes me strong to endure with faith and trust.
The SongLord's Prayer    Below the prayer.
Jenny Brice - "Went to go visit you today Michelle. I have been thinking alot about you and Brian and all the great memories we had. You were always one I would go to when I had a problem or needed advice. Thank you for being such an amazing friend. Love and miss you dearly. Can't wait to see you again one day. RIP my friend". 
Bradley RiceYesterday was a challenging day and it will be challenging in the days ahead. The world lost two incredible individuals yesterday in Brian Lewandowski and Michelle Littlefield and I was privileged to work with them throughout the year last year, and Brian even this year. I have fond memories of both of them that I'll be able to keep with me throughout my life. I pray for the families of both of them as they grieve the loss of their loved ones. I also pray for Tony and Alfonso that they can make it through and for their families as well. You can do it, co-leads! Words can only say so much. It's a reminder that life is short. It is crucial to not let drama get in the way of things, but to bond together and push through like a family, especially Six Flags. I'm here for all of you. If you need to talk, let me know and I'll be glad to. Stay strong everyone. I love you all. Michelle Littlefield ‘ s friend and coworker at Six Flags Magic Mountain Bradley Rice

Tyler Decker to Michelle Littlefield April 4 2017 I miss you Michelle Littlefield you'll always be in my heart. I'll never forget my last day in California. You, me , Cole, and Zack. We had so much fun at that bonfire you are my best friend. This isn't goodbye and I'm going to see you again and it will be just how it was.πŸ’—
Today is such a sad day! I can't believe that we just lost an angel! Michelle Littlefield was one of my closest friends back in middle school. Doing homework together to playing video games and acting silly together. I can't believe that she had to be taken to heaven so soon😭. I swear of all people, she was the sweetest and nicest person in the world! God please take care of her... she deserves it! 

πŸ™πŸΌR.I.P Michelle Littlefield πŸ’― — with Michelle Littlefield.

Skye Morikawa Christensen  February 8, 2016Yesterday I lost a very good friend of mine, a friend that I wish I could've been closer to. I've known Michelle since I was 3 years old and we share so many amazing memories. Michelle had such a beautiful heart and I am so grateful to have had her as a friend. Heaven received an angel that will be forever missed. I ask for prayers for Gigi Littlefield and Willy Jay and that they are filled with love and support during these tough times. R.I.P Michelle Littlefield

Skye with Michelle above and below.

You will always be remembered as an older sister to me. I miss you soo much Michelle Littlefield❤️❤️❤️ thank you for all those times you have been there for me. I just wish we could make more special memories πŸ˜”πŸ’•
Tony Bendfeldt
It is so sad that Michelle Littlefield, probably, no was and is the sweetest girl I had the honor of knowing!! She was actually there for me during some tough times, was my math buddy and was just a joy to be with!! I will miss her, I have and am crying for the fact she had to leave so soon when she had so much more to give to the world! Rip Michelle, you will always be missed and loved!!
This is from Hannah Michelle's friend and classmate from Holy Redeemer her
Middle school ,Thanks Hannah for sharing this with me , really made
Me cry . means a lot to us , thank you again , many blessings for you and your family, tons of hugs . Gigi πŸ’πŸŒ·

My Memories of Michelle

By Rich Triquart - 12 2021

Michelle Littlefield’s eyes lit up from the very first moment I made her acquaintance. It may have been in fourth grade in Mrs. Schall’s class, or was it in 5th grade with Mrs. Espinola? The exact date may have slipped my mind, but I remember those first looks from Michelle Littlefield.  It is that look that says, I want you to succeed Mr. Triquart. I believe in you! It is a gift of empowerment, and Michelle had it from the very beginning. I wish I could take more credit on the development of such a special student and human being, but I can’t. Michelle placed her trust in me from the very first moment I walked into the classroom, and spoke so clearly through her actions, “Let’s do this Mr. T!”. Michelle was a very special student, but she was an even better human being who left us far too soon.

It wasn’t until Michelle (or Ms. Littlefield as I called her then) was in 6th grade when she officially became a student of mine. We would continue to see each other in either math or Literature (or both) every day over the next three years (not counting summers). As a result of spending so much time together, I learned a great deal from Michelle and these lessons continue to grow within me today. 

Children in middle school are so unique. Each one carries special qualities. Some hide their gifts and put-up defenses and are more reserved in showing their true selves. Insecurities run rampant at the middle school level, but never with Michelle. She put herself out there and put herself in totally vulnerable positions day in and day out by being honest and trusting towards the pursuit of learning and being a good person to her fellow classmates. She didn’t care about the risks. She did not care about standing alone. If many students were messing around and off task, she would be still and patient and give me a look of confidence saying, “You got this Mr. T!” 

Michelle had a strong religious compass already engrained, and this made her special. Michelle was strong. No one can stand alone in the pursuit of goodness and not be strong. However, she could get hurt like any young teen. While it did not happen often, it still hurt me when she was down. While Michelle would do her best not to burden me with it, I did my best in those moments to let her know I was in her corner. However, this is my point. Michelle was resilient. If she got hurt, she had this ability to bounce back the next day and bring joy again to the classroom. She never allowed the previous day to affect tomorrow’s core belief in people. This was Michelle.  

Academically, Michelle was not perfect. For example, math did not come easy for Michelle particularly in those early years. However, she grew to become a strong math student by the time she left us for high school. I remember at that time, she wanted to be a veterinarian. She loved animals which was no surprise if you knew Michelle. She was so kind to all living things. This helped motivate her, but she also was eager to please. She wanted to do well for her teachers, and this also helped drive her to succeed. When Michelle didn’t get the math grade she desired, she wouldn’t go after the teacher or make excuses. She would get frustrated, but instead she simply worked harder. If memory serves, in 6th grade she missed far too many homework assignments, but she soon turned it around once she understood the class expectations. In 7th and 8th grade I can’t remember her missing a homework assignment. Further, Michelle would come in at lunch time and ask questions. She constantly picked my brain during class time soaking up as much knowledge as I could give her while enjoying every moment of the class. 

In literature she was even better. Whether she knew it or not, Michelle had a hungry desire to continuously feed her soul. In Literature Michelle shined! She routinely had her hand signals up in the air to either signal for a comment or an answer, and her eyes lit up and a smile crossed her face when she was called upon. She loved to read and extract meaning from the passages. She loved connecting similar themes from poetry, musical lyrics, short stories, or novels. Themes of love, determination and resiliency, hardship, sadness from loss, or joy in humanity’s victories, excited Michelle. During our daily shared readings which always opened our literature classes, she was always completely tuned in to every word I read to the class. On special days when I got to take the class out for a special activity, Michelle would have as much fun as anyone giving her best to her teammates while practicing exemplary sportsmanship.

While Michelle was not perfect, I was far from being a perfect teacher. Too often there were times where I didn’t have much patience, and rather than rise up and give her my very best, I was instead short tempered with my responses to her inquiries. And sadly, the most specific memory of Michelle that I carry with me came at our last meeting long after she graduated from our school. She would occasionally come back to check in on me after she graduated from 8th grade. Her last special visit came at an open house for our school. At this time, I believe Michelle was in college. However, on this occasion, I had a dropout in memory and forgot her name altogether. I knew this was Michelle Littlefield(!); and yet I couldn’t even call her “Ms. Littlefield” like I had done so many times before. So, we ended up talking in very general terms and then she left with her mom Gigi. This was to be the last time I saw Michelle. This is how we parted ways prior to that horrific fateful day when she was killed by a reckless driver on the I5. I know she would be in pain seeing me hurt by how I left things. I know she is saying “its ok Mr. T”, but it still hurts that I forgot her name on our last day together. Like I said, I was far from perfect, but Michelle was always a wonderfully forgiving person.

Like for so many, 2021 has been a personally difficult year for me. It is interesting how God works. I created a little impromptu lost and found video for my daughter’s school on behalf of our PTA with the goal of getting many lost and found items back to their owners. It was then posted by another PTA member on Facebook. However, for me to see the feedback from the video, I needed to create a Facebook account. Soon I realized the potential to piece the chapters of my life between Los Angeles and Washington (where I currently live) together as one. It was because of this, that I was able to reconnect with Gigi and then her husband Willy Jay. They asked me a favor if could jot down my memories of Michelle. I was honored. It is now 10:13 on New Year’s Eve and there is nothing in this whole world that I would rather be doing. I don’t think it is a coincidence that now following this tumultuous year, Michelle and her parents and I have all reconnected. And now, after working through my memories of Michelle, I realize that even if the worst of possible outcomes falls upon me, I can handle it and not only survive, but have the strength to use the misfortunate event to make me even stronger. That is what is Michelle taught me.

Michelle was a beautiful soul. I think of her often when looking at my own daughter Ella. Gigi and Willy Jay are inspirations to me both in being amazing parents to Michelle, and also serving as a beacon towards how to carry on through the toughest of times. Michelle had so much more to give to this world. It is said so often to live each day as though it is your last. No matter what the future holds for me, I know that today I have my daughter. I know that I can pass on Michelle’s spirit on to her. I know that as we now are on the cusp on 2022, I am thankful to be able to share my memories of Michelle Littlefield, because sharing Michelle’s memory makes us better people.

Rich Triquart

miss my Daughter Michelle Littlefield so much. I do not understand why
she was called back home to Heaven so soon. I thank GOD for letting Her be
my daughter. I Love you Michelle we miss you.

We will miss my sweet lil cousin Michelle dearly! Such a good girl & definitely way beyond her years. She was, is and will always be a precious angel whether it be here or in the next life. This is so tragic and should be a reminder to us all how fragile our time here on earth is. Each time any of us get behind the wheel we are faced with potential danger but each of us can do our part to reduce the risks by being responsible and driving safely! If u want to race, find a track! I still feel like I am going to wake from this nightmare.
Michelle worked at Six Flags and just so happened to be coming back from Disneyland. The racers weren't even on the same side of the freeway. They were going the opposite direction when they clipped a UPS semi truck causing it to flip over the median and take the lives of Michelle, her friends & the UPS guy. Our actions affect the world around us, whether good or bad, even from a far so PLEASE make choices that don't jeopardize the lives of others. God bless the world and all of the families affected by this tragedy. My heart goes out to you all especially my beautiful auntie Gigi & the rock of my family, Uncle Willy! I love you guys
Vigil - College of the Canyons -Santa Clarita, CA - March 3 2016

College of the Canyons Vigil

2-29-2016 - Hi my name is Kimberly. I know you don't know me, but I knew your daughter. The other day I saw her picture on FB and I prayed and prayed that it wasn't her. I called her cellphone and texted her many times. I just want to say that I am so so sorry for your loss. Your daughter was in my stats class at College of the Canyons and was one of the first people to really be nice to me and want to be friends with me. She was so smart and so kind to me. She helped me study and she was the reason why I passed that class. Your daughter was so smart and so kind and I can't even express how sad I am or how sorry I am that this happened. I ask myself sometimes why God lets something so horrible happen to such good people but I can't find the answer. I'm sorry for bothering you but I just wanted to tell you that your daughter really impacted my life and I'm heart broken that this happened. If you ever need anything my name is Kimberly Arispe. She is definitely in heaven with God. She had a good heart and was such a wonderful person. God bless.


I love you with all my heart. I saw you in the middle of the empty space you looked so bright and beautiful, I closed my eyes and you were there, and you called to me 

"Mom", I was so happy that I can see you again, I wanted to ask many questions, I didn't know how long I could see you. I asked how is Heaven and you promptly respond, Mom Heaven is so beautiful that I can't find words to describe it, Mom the colors are intense, the blue is more blue and the pink is a color I have never seen on the earth, I asked Michelle can I see it? and immediately Heaven was opened, the space opened like a window and I saw the most indescribable colors I'd ever seen in my life, I seen a landscape, the intensity was sublime and deep, I feel like the current of a river was filling every space of my body and my soul, I felt happiness and love at a level that was totally unexplained and I could not contain my tears, we were far far up. The space closed and I asked Michelle did you see my Mom, and Michelle was more excited and her face illuminated with so much beauty and her tone intensified, Mom my grandma she looks like you, I knew her immediately after I saw her that it  was her, she has your smile. I ran to hug her and she recognized me, she is so beautiful like you and when I hug her I felt like I was hugging you, when Michelle said all that I saw my Mom and the meeting moment between them, I could not stop crying and I asked about my dad. Michelle told me my dad was behind my mom and I saw him too, He smiled as well like Michelle said that she knew he was her grandpa. 

Michelle’s excitement and happiness was off the chart and it was so contagious like nothing can describe or change the feeling of completeness, I felt everything she was telling me beyond words and I felt one with her, no separation, the eternity of my existence was blended and put together. I know this vision experience is incredible and difficult to believe but I am another person after my vision. No more sadness, despair, every minute is full of intention and meaning. The world is more beautiful. Michelle is not gone she is alive more than ever than on the earth. I am with her forever without effort, so after I asked if she had seen Uncle David and my friend Keka and she rapidly answered, Mom yes that she hugged them and she seen Brian too, I asked Michelle if you are all together, she said no mom we are in our place, I am with God still learning with spiritual assignments, everyone has different ones, so I said what are you doing with all your time, time Mom? Time does not exist here, it is like an eternal present that never ends and her voice sounds so calm, full of peace, and love emanated from her heart, everything in her life that she was so worried about was not a worry anymore is does exist anymore. 

I was feeling a little foolish and silly so I asked Michelle if she knew that she would go there and she said mom you saved me, I said Michelle how? I didn't saved you, yes, you did, remember you were always talking about God mom. God is beautiful, He is for real. Wonderful everything you had said to me about Him is true, you can not imagine how happy I feel here and I remember when you were said that God cut my wings and I was an angel, she smiled and said I only knew one day before, that I was coming back(to Heaven), I didn't have more time, for this reason I talked with my dad about God, I want to serve God, I will serve God ..................... 

Mom my dad looked at me like he could not believe me when I said what I said. As Michelle was talking I seen this conversation between Michelle and Her Dad. I saw that moment in the vision. Michelle said mom you know I made some mistakes but God knew my heart was pure and he received me with open arms, Mom I feel so safe in his arms, I feel loved, Mom do you know Jesus died for us, He redeemed us from our sins and to save us, that is the reason He came to earth, my tears fell from my face non stopping. ............................... 

Tell Dad that I love him. After she looked in my eyes deeply and said Mom you will be happy again like you were before when I was on earth and you and my Dad will receive many more blessings, so I said no Michelle that is not possible how I will be happy without you? Mom you will have many reasons to smile, I promise you, you will be happy again and won't even have time to think of me. Michelle that is absolutely impossible why you said that to me? I will remember you until my last breath, no Mom you don't need to miss me because I never left you, I live inside you I can see you, even if you can't see me, I am with you. When she said that some balsams of peace and comfort filled my being that different way than before and I cried and cried.  

Michelle said, mom you will have one family on earth and one in heaven the same way that I will have one family on earth and one in heaven so I looked at her and she assented yes mom but you need to promise me that you will trust in Him,  you have to be patience and you will need to wait, I said okay, I knew what exactly she meant with her words, and Mom you need to promise Me that you will write the book of my life everyday, 7 pages when will be my anniversary of the year will be 140 pages. Mom I am so proud of you, God is so pleased, don't forget to tell my dad that I love him.

Michelle how about Tony, will he stay with us? Mom don't worry about him he will be okay when it is his time he will know this Wonderful Place and I will be here and I will be receive him, tell everyone he will be okay.  On earth he was the human being that loved me more than anybody. And after that she said, Mom I have to go and I respond but Michelle you said that you will be with me always, yes Mom anytime you need to talk look at me inside you, I love you Mom. And after that I feel the tears was falling from my cheeks and I open my eyes .

It was absolutely amazing without words to describe it. The best gift God gave to me in my entire life, even bigger than Michelle. I do not know how this possibly happened, what I know is that I will never be the same person. I do not miss Michelle, I actually feel happy, like Michelle said, no worries, and I am fulfilled, without anxiety ,  I am full of peace because what I need to know is inside me.

This happened Feb 6th of 2017 and lasted for approximately 35 minutes or less and ended at 8:11 A.M.

The sense of timeless was amazing when I was there and I feel imprinted with God's love and eternity in my veins.  Life is a preparation, like Michelle said anything in this life is part of the journey, a very small part. It was more that I can say. It was intense beyond words spoken. My life has totally changed, I know what is the purpose of life and I also know God loves us without limits. Gigi Littlefield.

The Wind blows but it did not move this Rocking Chair. 
Michelle Littlefield's uncle John calls me on the phone today, prefaces, explains to me several times that he is not crazy and is somewhat agnostic. 
John explains that he was heavy in thought thinking about the family, Michelle's passing and how it has affected us all and how we miss Her so, in a loving salute John kisses his hand and throws the kiss to Michelle in Heaven. 
The Rocking Chair appears to be empty but now is Rocking.
John does several double takes, and is left in awe, John does not believe what he has just seen and studies the situation for about two hours.
After the study John decides to call me and tell me what happened I asked Him if I could share the story. He said Yes.
I want to find a picture of a rocking chair so I did.

Cameron Taylor - I went into Solo Performance class based on a recommendation I got from an acquaintance who had taken the class before. The first day, I was nervous. I had an idea for my show but didn't think it was that interesting. Not only that, but right out of the gate, I was immediately overwhelmed by all of the talented people in the class. I felt that I would never be able to make a show that would be as good as theirs. Then something unfortunate happened. My dear friend, Michelle Littlefield, passed away. This disrupted my whole life, it was the only thing that I could think about. That's when I decided to write my show about her. If it weren't for the overwhelming support of everyone involved with Solo, I don't know what I would have done. They became not just my support, but my driving force. I had never been so challenged in my life than I have this semester, but the end result was definitely worth all of the struggle. So I want to thank you guys. Because of you all, I feel as if I'm not just a better actor, but a better person as well.
And I want to give two special thank yous. First to Calliope Weisman, who has been the light in all the darkness this past semester. I don't think I'd managed to stay as sane as I am without having your support through all this. Thank you and love you.
And second to Michelle Littlefield, who I still miss to this day. I hope that I honored you well. The rose in the accompanying picture belongs to you more than it does to me. Thank you for everything.

Dear Michelle - Solo Show
This was absolutely beautiful! Well said and she is missed! If the world had more people like her... we would be in a better world! She is with us always! I really loved this and thank you!
Performed at College of the Canyons at Solopalooza 2016.
Kei Orpi
This was very touching. I knew Michelle as a little girl and watched her grow up. She was a little sister to me. She was the sweetest most lovable person and I am glad I got to be part of her life. I know she is up in heaven watching you, me, her wonderful parents, the rest of her family and friends smiling. She would definitely want to see everyone live their dreams and be happy.

Written by Henry Scott Holland (27 January 1847 – 17 March 1918)

Kyle - Rachel _ Michelle - Tyler

That moment you find special pictures in your memory box. The top picture really captured all our personalities, and the bottom picture was a picture of how close we were as a group. — with Anthony MiramontesMichelle Littlefield and Brian Lewandowski at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

SILVIA GUZMAN As time passes the emotional pain becomes heavier, ticker!! and makes me feel so powerless, all I can think and feel and I ask my self over and over again.... What do I do with all this pain? When is it going to stop?... I'm tired of crying !! I'm tire of being frustrated! I know that due to this stupid accident some beautiful kids can't come home or have a long and happy life and that breaks my heart even more !! And their parents pain becomes my pain and the crying starts again.. I want to be stronger but some days I simply can't!! I pray for Anthony Miramontes , Michelle LittlefieldAlfonso Morillo and Brian Lewandowski ... For Anthony I want you to recover soon because we All miss you so Much ... For Alfonso to continue healing and enjoy life like he promise πŸ€˜for my two beautiful angels that I never have the pleasure to meet in person I pray that you have found that beautiful place where there is no more pain!! And only happiness exist! To you too my angels I ask for your help!! Help me with Anthony so he can wake up and get up from this bad dream so he can have a chance to a happy life !! 
Thank you all for the support and please don't stop praying for us !! Mi sister Sol , for Gigi LittlefieldWilly Jay for Alfonso and his parents and Brian's parents so we can all have a chance for some happiness because we are really missing it way too much!! #prayforallofus

Written by Anthony Miramontes on 1-22-2016 12:30am
Dear Michelle
To start everything off I would like to say thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for being a great listener. Thank you for being such a great friend. You are truly a blessing in my life. You have made me see the brighter side of life. I used to be someone I didn’t want to be and I used to do things I didn’t want to do. But I have finally overcome those times and I can finally say I am happy where I am at. You are one of the most amazing people that as ever come in to my life. You always know how to keep a smile on my face as well as know how to make me laugh. I love hanging out with you, I know sometimes I might get annoying but it’s just that whenever I see you I become the happiest man on earth. You make me feel warm on the inside. Honestly Michelle I know our future holds great things for us. We still have so many adventures, so many things to do! I will never change who I am and I sure hope you don’t change either because I love the way you are already! I mean you could maybe hit the gym a little lol jk Michelle your fine the way you are I’m just pushing your buttons. I can’t promise to fix all your problems but I can promise you won’t have to face them all alone. I always will be here for you no matter what the situation is. I will always have your back and I will always protect you from any harm. Michelle Marylin Littlefield will always be known as the person who gave tony that extra push he needed to succeed in life. You will always be the one who helped me get through school or at least motivated me to do better. Maybe when we both get our degrees we can own and manage our own business together maybe even become billionaires together. That’s the dream mayuun and we can really make it happen. We just have to take it one step at a time. Sure school is a struggle right now but it will all be worth it in the long run. I truly believe you will become successful in life I believe you can do whatever you want all it takes is a little effort and support. One day we will both look back at the great times we had and laugh, smile, cry etc.…. such as the guy with the soda or the onion rings or the guy stopping in the middle of an intersection or the moment we rode slingshot. All these memories will forever be embedded into our heads never to be forgotten. Basically what I wanted to say is that Michelle you are the best thing that has happened to me thus far and I am enjoying every minute we have together. Because a day with you no matter what we do from watching friends to being study buddy’s to just simply talking in the car, every one of those moments to me are worth more than anything to me. Depending on when you read this or if you ever even notice it on your computer, just know I tony at this point in time was the happiest man alive spending time with the most amazing woman in the entirety of the universe. I wonder how much our friendship will have grown by the time you end up reading this haha It might even be tomorrow but who knows. I hope we do end up going to Oregon and flying hot air balloons and doing all the things we want to do. That would be awesome. Oh and have I ever told you that your beautiful?!? Haha cause you are. From glasses michelle to pony tail michelle you are still beautiful to me. Well michelle this is where I end this and hope that maybe one day you will understand that you mean a whole lot to me. Good bye michelle. Whenever you read this and you see me tell me that Im beautiful lol and I will know that you have read this. Thanks for being so awesome!!!!!!!!
Sincerely with much love
The greatest tony in the world!
Anthony Miramontes 1-22-2016 12:30 am

5 - 17 - 2016

The Spiral of The Black and White Feather
On Feb 27 2016 I had to confront the hardest reality
a parent ever could. On that day I was in distress because my daughter Michelle
did not come home from her return trip with her friends coming back from
Disneyland. We had called the CHP, visited the Sheriff, talked to the police
and no one had a thing to say or inform. We knew something was wrong even
if her phone was not working she would have always used her friend's phone.
No that did not happen.
By noon time I had discovered that my daughter had died in a Midnight crash
on the I 5 North, in the city of Commerce, CA. I was onsite on the crash site
being escorted by Captain Paul Medeiros in a CHP car to and through the crash
site. It was shocking and overwhelming. Yes I was in shock but just going 
through the motions because the emotions were too stressing and painful.
The car that my daughter was in was already removed from the site and
daughter's body was already moved to the morgue/coroner’s location.
I was spared seeing the car or my daughter onsite.
My next duty was to inform my wife, I asked a CHP officer to make that call
as I sat next to the officer he did inform my wife. I could not bring myself to
utter to my wife or have the words pass through my lips that my
daughter was dead.
One more dreadful deed, I had to go to the coroner’s to Identify Michelle’s
body, the pain and reality were starting to hit hard, I had no choice as 
Michelle’s Father but to proceed and go forth. My sister Karen met me at 
the coroner’s station,
I met the coroner (Kristina MCGuire) and was shown a folder with
Michelle Marylin Littlefield’s license attached. I was told that they had already
done a fingerprint ID match. The coroner kindly prompted me not to
ID Michelle’s body. I took the heartfelt advice.
The coroner had cleaned up and returned Michelle’s jewelry and gave me
a business card. My sister and I had proceeded to leave. Just as I came out
the door I looked straight up into the sky. I seen a rather large feather about
100’ Feet up spinning in a tight perfect circle and it would have landed on
my head, I move out of the way, I was a little bit in rejection and denial of 
the spinning Black and White feather. I wanted to pick up the feather but 
I rejected doing so, I should have picked it up and kept it. I did not.
It did and has bothered me that I did not have the courage to take the sign
and feather, I think I did not because I still did not want to believe what just 
happened, it just seemed if I did not take the feather I could still have room 
to not have to confront my new dreadful situation.......
On this night May 17 2016, I had decided to look back and see the symbol of
The Spinning Black and White Feather.
BLACK - protection, warning, repelling or warning of negative energy,
death (as in a closed chapter), mystical wisdom - a sign that you are 
undergoing a spiritual initiation, growth or increased wisdom. 
When the feathers are irridescent, oir represents high mystical insight 
(especially if there is a shiny irridescence).
Black and white mixed feathers can represent protection,
or the sense of union.
WHITE - purification, spirituality, hope, trust, faith, protection, peace,
Heaven, angels, and also act as blessings and wisdom connected with moon.
The spinning of the feather also made a perfect spiral from the Heavens,
I will add a link in the comments section that I think is fitting.
I find all of the definitions perfectly fitting.
The spiral is the journey of life
The spiral represents attributes such as: Balance, Progress, Direction, Initiation,
Centering, Expanding, Awareness, Connection, Journeying and Development.
It is an ancient symbol of the goddess, the womb,   continual change, and the
evolution of the universe.  In ancient Britain, the spiral seems to have been
associated with the feminine as the doorway to life
Carl Jung, the famous psychiatrist, said that the spiral is an archetypal symbol 
that represents cosmic force.
 It is thought to represent personal evolution and holistic growth, letting go, surrender,
release, Awareness of the ONE within the context of the whole, connectivity and union
with deities and cosmic energies, stars and more.
As you move into the spiral you are letting go of undesired aspects of your ego
and possessions and worry about others perceptions of you and moving towards
your core self . You have insights into your beliefs and behaviours on this inward
journey and move into higher conscious awareness.
As you move back out you are growing and connecting to Source Energy of
All That IS in a loving, harmonious and collaborative way.
To walk and then stand in the center of a spiral or labyrinth has been a psycho-spiritual
exercise for centering the consciousness.
As mentioned, some consider the spiral a symbol of the spiritual journey. It is also
considered to represent the evolutionary process of learning and growing.
The path of life resembles a spiral. We seem to pass the same point over and over
again but from a different perspective each time.
I find the following concept intriguing If you flatten the spiral and look forward or
back at yourself, it is like the onion.  We talk about metaphysically peeling off more
of the onion each time we pass the same issue in the spiral of our life.   It is important
that we work on clearing all of our layers of energy as we peel the onion so we don’t
come back to the same issue as often and can move into higher energy vibration
more quickly.
The “Healing Art Feather Series” is a special group of images designed to promote 
well-being, calmness and healing. 
Credit Pic

Symbol of Change

Life cycles and cycles of the natural world create change. The old dies away 
so the new can come forth. Each of us progresses from child to adult to 
old age. As such, the spiral is not a symbol of stagnation but rather of 
change, progression, and development. It embraces these things as good 
and healthy and helps one to accept change eve though we often are more 
comfortable retreating into tradition and old, standard ways. Spirals are 
sometimes seen as watery symbols. 
Water is mutable, always changing and not having permanence. It also 
ripples in circles. Finally, water is a feminine element along with earth. 
(In comparison, fire and air are masculine elements.)
Six Flags Magic Mountain officials also issued a statement offering condolences.

"The Six Flags Magic Mountain family was saddened to learn about two of their team members who were tragically killed in the I-5 freeway incident in Commerce... . Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families, friends and colleagues during this difficult time."
I am overwhelmed with the love and support shared by you all -
someone special gave us this Star Chart - Thank You.

My sweet daughter Michelle, congrats on your recognition for outstanding performance and dedication at your job, we are definitily a proud parents ,whatsoever you are amazing , huge heart, kind , generous,honest, beautiful human being . Dad and I wish you happiness and every of your dreams can come true,we love you here to the stars and beyond
On 4-3-2016 Gigi and James Ryan, visit Magic Mountain to see Michelle's work 
place and fellow team mates - James - Kevin - Gigi - Matt Butler
- Michelle loved working at Magic Mountain with the other
workers and meeting all the new people.

From the Magic Mountain to the Magic Kingdom!
Dear Michelle
Some days we just cry for you because we miss you, we feel so heavy and sad and we mourn for you. We have not lost the Faith but it is certainly tested....We reflect upon the meaning of life and death and question everything. We remember our relationship with you, we second guess many things and ourselves. We wonder what we could or should have done better with you....The way that you died was senseless and very hard to accept, the loss of You and Brian is tragic, we are mindful of Alfonso and Tony that were hurt with you. We pray for them and GOD heals them...
SweetHeart we send you off with our best wishes and we pray GOD'S Spirit lead you and guide you. We pray for each other for comfort and peace. We miss you. We love you.
Michelle Littlefield - My little angel has passed forward and back into GOD'S hands. As Her father here on this Earth I will share with you what she would want and wish for us all.
1 That we grieve, mourn, and cry for her as often as needed to release and deal with the pain of her loss, however she would remind you not to make a habit of it and to move forward in love, caring and sharing.
2 Michelle would remind you a second time to read # 1.
3 Michelle would want you all to get back into life and live life with true enthusiasm ( GOD filled Life ) , Michelle would want us to be more forgiving toward one another.
I will follow up with more thoughts.
I will soon be creating a blog dedicated to Michelle. I will be posting in time and sharing and ask others to share the link.
Thank you
Michelle's Father.
Chancellor Reflects on Students Michelle Littlefield and Brian Lewandowski 

College of the Canyons Chancellor Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook shared the following thoughts today on students Michelle Littlefield and Brian Lewandowski, who died early Saturday in a crash on Interstate 5:

“All of us at College of the Canyons are grieving the loss of Michelle and Brian. Their deaths leave a void on our campus, in the classrooms, and among their friends. I know they will be greatly missed by their teachers and classmates as they remember the relationships they had with Brian and Michelle, who were bright, caring, and committed people. And I know they will be inspired by the moments and memories they created and shared for others as they worked hard to be the best people they could be.

“Our hearts and prayers go out to those who cared for and loved these two amazing young people, especially their parents. We are better because they shared them with us.”

College flags have been lowered to half-staff today in honor of Michelle and Brian. Counselors are available in the Student Health Center to talk with any students, faculty, and staff who have been touched personally by this tragedy.​
  Vigil Held at The College of the Canyons             
"Throughout the past 7 months or so, I have begun to realize the inevitability of death. And it hurts. Since a fantastic coworker passed away on July 20, I have been realizing that our life is short, some unfortunately shorter than others. Then, on November 8, 4 months ago to the day, death became even more real as a role model to me, my Great Grandmother, went home to be with the Lord she loves at the age of 95. And even more recently on February 27, 2 of the best coworkers I've ever had, Brian Lewandowski and Michelle Littlefield left this world as well. Death is a bitter thing that we need to be ready for. I have been thinking to myself, "How do I want to be remembered?" and I have been motivated to live accordingly. Undoubtedly, each of the four individuals I mentioned have an incredible legacy and the memories I have for each one of them are so sweet. I hope that on the day I die, I can say as Paul said in 2 Timothy 4:7, "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." At the moment when I see my Savior face-to-face, I yearn to hear Him say, "Well done, my faithful servant" as seen in Matthew 25:21. Until then, though, I strive to be the best example I can be and live each day to the glory of God. Friends and family, please cherish the time you have with your loved ones; you never know when the end will be. Remember to enjoy life to the best of your ability. Bradley Rice

Alfonso Morillo with Michelle Littlefield and Brian Lewandowski at Disneyland.
April 20 at 10:48amAnaheim, CAI'll miss these days going to Disney Resort with these amazing people. I'll always cherish the memories we all made together. Going through these pictures makes me cry, because it's so sudden and we were having an amazing time at Disneyland. I'll miss when @brianlewandowski would call my ride to ask what time I'm going on lunch, so we can go together and when he'd always call saying, "Woooooow" 
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜” I'll miss when I'd bump into Michelle when I'd go on lunch sometimes. We were all close, and I'm really going to miss you. Keep on healing @supremeleader_tony. πŸ™πŸΌ
The Vigil of Memories and prayers for healing      
Thank you Cesar Quebral for conducting and Clark Everett for Prayers and Thoughts -

Dear GOD - I do not know how to pray for my Daughter that has died, everything about me rejects the notion that she died and will not be with me again in this Life. I can talk in circles as I try to understand and to know every needful detail of her passing. I am watching and reading everything that I can. I can see it and hear it, I do not understand it, it is to hard too believe.
Yet my heart is protected and the still small voice whispers safely and slowly, I cannot accept it all at once and at the sametime I am comforted even in this extreme pain and sorrow. This is the bitter pill of passing.
I am at a loss for words. only GOD I say "I love her", she was everything to me, just help me make it. I am in anguish for the others too that died or were harmed, this hurts. Heal the others.
Life is so hard, I remember the Good Times, and I know Michelle will not allow me to be down, You called her home, but help us make it.
My prayer Amen! Now I sleep.

Dear Michelle 
Some days we just cry for you because we miss you, we feel so heavy and sad and we mourn for you. We have not lost the Faith but it is certainly tested....We reflect upon the meaning of life and death and question everything. We remember our relationship with you, we second guess many things and ourselves. We wonder what we could or should have done better with you....The way that you died was senseless and very hard to accept, the loss of You and Brian is tragic, we are mindful of Alfonso and Tony that were hurt with you. We pray for them and GOD heals them...
SweetHeart we send you off with our best wishes and we pray GOD'S Spirit lead you and guide you. We pray for each other for comfort and peace. We miss you. We love you. Mom and Dad.

Megan Copper - I'm lost with words to say Michelle. I just want anyone to know who is reading this, that you were very well loved at Six Flags, when we heard the news, the entire park was quite that day. I remember when we first started training for Twisted, you were always smiling and just so joyful! I will never for got your laugh and your kind words. I was so grateful to have met you and I hope you keep an eye on us from above. May you rest in peace my love  feeling heartbroken.
Michelle with Laura

Silly Girls

Michelle with Lori Chua

Lori - Shayla - Michelle (with ponytails front center)

Cameron Taylor - I honestly can't believe you're gone. I refuse to believe it. Michelle, you were like the little sister I never had. All the times I got my heart broken, you were one of the first to help me pick up the pieces. All the times you called me Cam Ham, I'd just laugh at how I got stuck with that silly nickname you gave me, but knew it was a term of endearment and I wouldn't want to be called anything else. Just a few weeks ago, I remember seeing you across the track at Goliath, excited that I had such a warm, friendly, and familiar face now at a ride that I loathed working at. You were one of the sweetest friends I could have ever asked for and I seriously wish I could have had the chance to say goodbye, although I probably would have hugged you and never let go. I will do my absolute best to live my life for you and to honor your memory as best I possibly can. This I swear. Rest in peace, Michelle.

Dear Michelle - Solo Show
Performed at College of the Canyons at Solopalooza 2016.
RIP Michelle. You will forever be my inspiration in life. I will work hard to achieve my dreams and do my best to make you proud. Because now, I'm living this life not just for me, but for you as well. I hope that by doing this, I can repay you for all of the love and kindness you have given to me.
Mitch Pohl I'm so sorry to hear this news, buddy. Here for you if you need me.
Stevie Leonard I can't believe it, I don't want to either! She was such a nice person! Always smiling and showing everybody around her what it meant to be happy! frown emoticon I can't believe she's gone! May she rest in peace!
Kevin Magdaleno Oh my god. I can't believe it what. Saw her just this week. Always said hi at sixflags. Jesus Christ. That's so hard to believe. Rest in peace
Janessa Harris-Paal My heart just dropped. She was one of the loveliest people I ever met. I absolutely cannot believe this.
Kendra Asbury God, that's so terrible.
Ashton Garcia She was such a kind hearted person, she will be missed but may she rest in peace. My condolences

 Celebrating Easter with James , Michelle's boyfriend , remembering the month that Michelle went to heaven at her favorite restaurant , eating her favorite dish spaghetti — with James Ryan and Willy Jay.

James Ryan with Michelle Littlefield.
Dear Michelle,
This is really tough to write to you knowing that I won’t see you for a while, there are so many words that describe what a wonderful person you are, and yet so few that can describe what happened. I wish I could have been writing this for a Valentine’s Day card or just on a regular day, so that I can knock on your door and give you this letter just to see you standing softly in front of me, while I watch your beautiful eyes reading how much I love you. Our time together was short but it meant the whole world to me, I can still remember your smile, your voice, your eyes, your hair, your personality, and everything else about you. I love every single bit of you… you were everything I was looking for in a companion. I still remember the first time we met, the moment you walked into the doors of First Aid our eyes met and it was magic… you were only 17 years old and I was 19 years old, you were so beautiful my heart melted the second I saw you, I needed to know who you were and right when we started talking we had an instant connection. I remember us talking for quite a long time but I wasn’t really keeping track, all I could focus on were your amazing eyes and your smile. You left such an impression on me that I couldn’t stop thinking about you ever since. Even though my supervisor was a little angry with my excessive talking, I thought it was worth it and I could have easily done it every single day just to hear your voice. I remember every morning going to work I would hear Michelle by the Beatles over the radio and it would drive me crazy thinking of you, I just needed to see you again. I looked for you every time I worked just to get a glimpse of you or if I got lucky maybe even talk to you even if it was just for a few minutes, every time you noticed and waved to me it would make my day. When I realized what ride you worked at I couldn’t keep away, I would always try to visit whenever I could. Both of your parents said that you used to always talk about me after we first met, you don’t know how great that makes me feel, it’s the best thing in the world to know that the girl that I was falling for remembers and talks about the first time we saw each other. I remember all of this went on for about two years before I ended up getting the opportunity and courage to ask you out on our first date, I remember being so excited when you said yes, I ran somewhere where you couldn’t see me so that I could jump for joy because I was going out with the girl of my dreams. I remember being so nervous for our first date because I never felt like this towards any other person in my life, you really mattered to me I didn’t want to mess this up. This may sound funny but I had a hard time finding something to wear for our first date, but when I saw you I completely forgot about myself and anybody else around us, you put me at ease with your smile as you sat on that bench looking at me. I remember ice skating with you and feeling so good holding your hand and catching you every time we would trip over something, you made me try on figure skates while I made you try hockey skates just to be funny, you definitely caught on a lot quicker than I did, I loved how you could try anything with me and always have a good time doing it and I wasn’t afraid to try anything new with you because I trusted you, and I always thought “how could I say no to a girl like you”. It didn’t matter where we went or what we did, I always loved being around you, you knew how to have a good time no matter what we did, our conversations would last for hours and would really make me think even after we both went home. We used to talk about everything from music to where we wanted to live when we got old. We learned so much about each other in the short amount of time we were together, each time I learned something new about you the more I fell in love with you, yet there was so much more we could have learned from each other. I remember we used to make lists of what we wanted to do together, from which movies we wanted to see to the places we wanted to go, it hurts to know that we won’t be finishing that list together. Even though I loved our conversations and the lists we made, I enjoyed your company so much we could have sat looking into each other’s eyes not speaking a single word the whole night and I would have loved every single moment, I just longed to be with you. Everything I do and everywhere I go reminds me of you Bell, I can’t stop thinking about you, I have never had somebody in my life that I truly fell in love with, you were the one that showed me what love can do to me and I cannot thank you enough. I’m so glad I have had the opportunity to be a part of your life, even if it was only for a short time, because in that short time you taught me so much about life and how to enjoy it, you really cracked my shell and let me open up to you, as you did that same for me. Even though you went back home to heaven with the other angles I can still feel your presence watching and guiding me as well as everyone else that loves and knows you. You were so compassionate and caring you left a lasting impression on everyone you came in contact with, including me. I wish you were still around to see how many people you affected in such a wonderful way. I’m so devastated that I cannot see you again in this life for you have stolen my heart, I can’t imagine a life without you and it’s hard to stomach people telling me that I have to carry on… I know you are still with me though and probably reading this while I write to you. I smile at the thought of meeting you again one day, which that feeling alone keeps me strong and full of hope, and I know you would have wanted me to be strong for you so I’m trying my best. For now though I will keep a special place in my heart until the day we see each other again in paradise, and I will keep you and your parents in my life always. I love you Bell and I miss you so much.
Love you always, James/ the guy from first aid
Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the lord, your God, is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9
Michelle with Mom and Dad Easter 2015
Venice Beach CA. Michelle

A letter for our angel.. Michelle Littlefield 
When my cousin died, I read somewhere that the spirit wanders and visits loved ones during the first 40 days after death. After that, the spirit enters heaven, or something like that. I’m not sure what I believe anymore but today’s the 40th day, and if there’s a chance you’re still here, I’ve got things to say.
For the past four years, you’ve been the biggest part of my life. We’ve been through a whole lot, from friends, to boyfriend/girlfriend, to some fuzzy, confusing middle ground in between. But for those four years you have been the biggest presence in my life. We went through a few periods of not talking for a few weeks, and at most we didn’t talk for a month, but you always came back into my life. In a way, I always expected you to. Even now, I still do.
I miss the day I met you, we were both 15 and you kept turning around in class to laugh at my jokes when nobody else did. I miss when you called me for the first time and I missed half my swim practice to hear you tell a story. I miss when we first kissed on Halloween. My dad came into the room after and we tried to act innocent but the black makeup on your nose was smeared off and was left all over my cheek. I miss how our pet name was “babycakes”. I miss when we were sitting in the rain listening to Elliott Smith and you told me you loved me for the very first time. I love how perfect it all was.
I miss my 17th birthday when you bought me a skateboard that I plan to use for the rest of my years at college. I miss when I’d talk to another girl and you would get worried cause they were “trying to steal” me. I miss when you’d talk to other boys and I would get worried because they were “trying to steal” you. I miss playing video games for hours on the floor. I miss our first fight. I miss going to Shave It with you for ice cream every night. I miss when we went to the gym. I miss that time I was incredibly stressed and sad, and we walked around my pool perimeter talking about it. Then suddenly, fully clothed, you pulled me into the water and turned it into one of the most fun days we ever had. I miss playing Clash of Clans and Fun Run with you. I miss begging your mom to order more Slam. I miss playing GTA for hours every single night for weeks. I miss watching Pixies live. I miss how your dad used to come by at 12:30AM every night to pick you up when I had no car and I’d go to bed smiling.
I remember writing a song for you and you started crying and made your own version of it. I remember looking through your phone and finding you had written your own lyrics to my songs. I remember seeing my Soundcloud songs had a bunch of random plays and realizing it was you. I remember walking into your room and you were singing and humming my songs. I miss when we wrote songs together.
I remember when I came back from San Diego and you ran outside and hugged me for a few minutes. Then the next year, I came back from Arizona, but your dad was following behind you dancing and yelling “Christian’s home!” And you were so embarrassed. I miss helping you move to your new apartment. I remember you helping me fill out my application for Six Flags. I miss when I’d come over every day after work for what you called a quick “Kissy-kiss” and I’d pull up and see you jumping for joy and we’d spend a few hours in my car talking about our days. I remember visiting the dog shelter every week. I remember when you trained Fluffy and met Katie for the first time. I remember introducing you to the Pug craze and you fell for it harder than I did. I remember when my cousin passed and even though we were fighting, you invited me over and we talked it out as I held Porky.
I’m sorry for being irrationally angry sometimes. I’m sorry we had times when we grew apart. But I’m thankful for every time you understood and made things better.
I remember you had a dream I died in a car crash and you held me for hours crying and the only thing that calmed you down was praying and making God promise that I was gonna be okay. I should have done the same.
I miss when I turned 18 and you had decorated my entire room and surprised me when I walked in, and had 11 letters ready for me to read. I miss how 11 was our lucky number and how 11/11 was our anniversary and 11:11 was the time we always made a wish. I miss Venice, when you took that beautiful silhouette photo, fell on your face, and dashed over to come see how it turned out. I miss when we drove around Glendale/Burbank and discovered we grew up right next to each other and probably ran into each other a few times.
I miss these past 7-8 months. I remember when we didn’t talk for a while and one day I got a text from you. Then we met up and and talked for 6 hours while you hugged me. I am so grateful that we had the opportunity to be so close again all those months.
I miss studying with you. I’m so thankful that you nudged me to apply to UCSB because I got in, thanks to you.
I remember last October when I couldn’t hold it in anymore and I told you I still loved you and you didn’t hesitate to say the same. I miss your last birthday when we went to Oxnard. We ran around on the beach and raced back to my car and when I got there you were smiling and laughing. I reached out for a high five but you held my hand and kissed me instead. When I asked you why, you said it was because you were happy. I miss when you slept over after Disneyland when we went with Laurel, Daniel, Caroline, and Kevin.
I miss the last time we talked. We lied down on my bed and talked the whole day and at the end of the day you sat on my lap and we hugged for a few minutes, as if you knew it was goodbye. Exactly a month later, you left.
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have plans to call you again or if I said I wasn’t waiting for a call from you as well. I’d also be lying if I said I didn’t have any guilt or sorrow and don’t feel responsible, in one way or another, for this whole thing. Part of me can’t shake the feeling that I could’ve done something. But I know you wouldn’t want me to think that way. I wouldn’t want you to feel that way.
I miss you every day. Every single minute of every day. I don’t talk about it with anyone anymore, but I like to imagine you’re always by my side hearing me out when I need you to. I like to imagine you’re still hearing my songs, reading my hundreds of letters, and climbing into bed with me every night and hugging me as I sleep. This has been the hardest point in my life and I don’t know if I’ll ever fully recover. I knew we weren’t meant to live the rest of our days together, and you did too. But in your words, that didn’t get in the way of how much we loved each other. You always felt like we were in each others lives for a reason, and I did too. I still have the letter where you wrote it all out.
But all I want to get across to you is how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to have you in my life. From our early days as best friends to our years together in a relationship to the last few months of having you by my side again. You knew all of my secrets and took them to your grave and I will do the same. I trusted you like no other. I love you more than anything. I didn’t think it was this possible to miss someone so much. But I promise to keep you alive through my thoughts and actions and I promise to do my best for you. Thank you for being my biggest fan and my muse these 4 years. Thank you for your loving touch and your warm kiss. Thank you for teaching me to smile in pictures. Thank you for showing me how it felt to be complete.
I love you, Michelle Mcat Marylin Littlefield, babycakes, burburcurks, dawg, darg, honeybunches, etc. I always did and I always will. You’ll always be my #1 fan. I’ll never forget you. Thank you. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you. And as you used to say, always and forever.
Love, Christian Andrew Adog Quebral

Raquel Garcia
Michelle Littlefield - I'm going to miss you so much. You will forever be my little sister. You were such an amazing person with a heart bigger than your body. Junior year was the year I knew we were going to be friends for the rest of our lives. You helped me get threw the worst moments in my life during that year. You always tried to cheer me up by making me laugh. I miss having English,Econ, summer school, and Mythology with you. You were always such a social butterfly. You have no idea how people are going to miss you. I love you so much.

Michelle had a great impact in my life. I feel so blessed to have met her and able be able to share some memories with her. She was there for me when I became homeless in Junior year of high school. She gave me the emotional support I needed during that time and the kind I could only get from a good friend. I thought of her like my little sister, I always I wanted to protect her and make sure she knew that I would always be there for her. Michelle did all she could to help my family and I to get out of the situation we were in. During school hours I would sometimes go to her and just cry to her about everything that was happing. She became one of my best friends because I knew I could trust her and not feel judged for the situation we were in. She helped me with the depression I was in and the suicidal thoughts I had at the time. One picture I will always treasure is the one we took on out prom night. It was such an amazing night. Even though during college we stopped talking like we had in high school I always felt like we would reconnect and become closer.

Six years ago on February 27 Saturday night, I was at home laying on my bed making my psychology 101 notes when something in me told me to check Facebook; I had not been on Facebook in a very long time and thought it be nice to see what everyone had been up to. When I was on the news feed I saw that a lot of people were saying “R.I.P Michelle” or “you will be missed so much Michelle” at first I thought it was a messed-up joke, then I saw that people we both knew were saying the same thing and that is the moment I started to panic. My little sister was on the bed next to mine and she asked me what was wrong. I couldn’t answer her because I didn’t know myself. I quickly messaged my friend Lauren Schnell if she knew what had happened to Michelle, Lauren replied “I just saw” and then said “she was in car accident” I had asked her if Michelle was in the hospital. What Lauren said next made my world feel like it was crumbling. Lauren said “she’s dead”. I couldn’t believe it I thought I had misunderstood the message and had to read it one more time. 

I screamed NO! because I thought I couldn’t be true… I thought Michelle has to be in a hospital… she has to be okay… she cannot be dead. I screamed so loud it scared it parents, my dad rushed to the room to see what had happened and all I could say was that she’s dead Michelle is dead. My sister rushed to my side to help me feel better then, my mom appeared telling me to calm down but I couldn’t I kept saying that my best friend who knew everything that had happened to us and the person who did everything she could help was gone. Nothing felt real and most importantly I didn’t want it to be real. I prayed to God to please bring her back or to not let it be true. My mom and my sister kept trying to help but all I wanted was to be alone and to be with Michelle. I asked God to take me instead of her because it wasn’t fair. It took a long time for me to put myself together and my parents were watching the news, they asked me to come out and asked me if the girl they saw was Michelle I couldn’t stop crying because I saw what happened. Watching her parents talk on television about how a group of four young adults driving back home from Disneyland were in a car accident with a UPS truck and two of the young adults were dead. Hearing this broke my heart and seeing her parents talk about how they felt I knew how much they loved their daughter. After I posted something on her Facebook wall my friend Maritza kept messaging me saying that she was sorry for what happened and that she was there for me if I needed her. That was the first night I stopped sleeping. Throughout the night I was talking to Maritza I felt bad because I was keeping her up but I couldn’t feel at all. The days that came after felt longer and darker and all I could think of is how the last day I saw her she was wearing a very white shirt and a pair of jeans; for some reason against the sun her shirt was so bright that it made her look like an angel.   

Flower Display - Anthony (Tony) Pictured with Michelle, Tony lives and is in our prayers for healing.


Our Birth and our Death is part of Nature, God's Plan of Life and the Circle of Life-

When our lives come to an end and we pass forward we leave our loved ones behind - Our New Life and
 Journey is in the hands of our Creator - David lived a full but short life.

With us nothing do we Bring into the World and with us nothing do we Take - But we leave our lifes work and Loved ones behind us - When those that we Love and those that Touch us Die - We are reminded of our Own mortality and the valve of our precious days of life on Earth - Death calls everything about life into Question - Many Questions - Life and Death is a public and very private Matter- Death is a wound more to those Left Behind-

With the Life and Death questions, often comes a Mix of emotions - Denial- Anger - Rage -Sorrow -Pain - Regret - Resentment -..........................
Some of the Emotions will be Directed at those who have Died- To the CREATOR - and to others in general .............. Some of these Wounds cannot be easily healed - Time can help us to deal with the discomfort -

When we Die or when those that we Love Die - I would hope that we would extend the following to others and ourselves-

Forgiveness for our Humanity, Imperfections and Offenses.
A Focus on our Achievements, Intentions and the Good things that we have done in life.
That those that are left Behind, Strive to do their best in Live and to Move forward.
That those that are left behind Move forward with positive Focus - To forgive each other- and To build each other UP

How do we deal with Death?

Celebrate? Yes Celebrate the Life and Time that We shared With David Littlefield - Be thankful for His Life, Art, Time, Person, Stories, Special Person, ............................... Make your Own List

Mourn - You Must deal with The Pain - Do not go into denial - Mourning and feeling the Pain is Part of the Healing - Mourning helps us to release the Pain - Mourning allows us to Accept that which is Hard to accept- We must LET GO - In Death We can Reset our life - Mourning is a Process, and it Takes Time - LET GO of all Negativity - DO NOT hold bad feelings toward anyone - Move forward to the positive with forgiveness to all - The Forgiveness is the Key to moving Forward

Comfort -

We should Reflect and Ponder on the Good of those that Die - We should Let those that Die REST IN PEACE - We should share comfort and words of Faith and encouragement to Others and Each Other -

My Father (Glen Lyle Littlefield ) Died when I was 16 years old - Life was not perfect before he died and That death added some problems - I never really quite understood My father's death - A friend of My Died in the Late 1990s- And I was again Challenged By his Death - I was asked By his Family to Speak at His Funeral - I shared with you What helped me in dealing with Death - It is not Perfect - but I hope it Helps-
Michelle Littlefield - Birthday Wish
Gigi Littlefield Happy happy birthday my angel, thanks God for allowing me to share these nineteen years with a wonderful being who has brought us so much joy to our lives , thank you cousin for this nice touch that perfectly describes Michelle, she really appreciates . Hugs and kisses.
Michelle Loved trees and believed trees could speak -
what say you? This tree is speaking beautiful.
Michelle Marylin Littlefield's spirit returned to GOD in the Heavens on Feb. 26, 2016 
at approx. 11:55 (Feb 27 2016) Her body was laid to rest on March 8th 2016 - 
At  23287 Sierra Hwy, Newhall, CA 91321 
Services for Michelle Littlefield, one of two College of the Canyons students killed in a freeway crash in Commerce last weekend, have been scheduled as follows:
Viewing & Funeral Service
Tuesday, March 08, 2016
Viewing: Begins at 11:00 a.m. but open at 10:00 a.m.
Funeral/Life Celebration: 12:00 p.m. – 2:25 p.m.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Valencia
24443 McBean Pkwy
Valencia, CA 91355
 Graveside Burial & Dedication
Tuesday, March 08, 2016
3:00 p.m.
Eternal Valley Memorial Park & Mortuary
23287 North Sierra Hwy
Newhall, CA 91321

Dear Michelle 
Some days we just cry for you because we miss you, we feel so heavy and sad and we mourn for you. We have not lost the Faith but it is certainly tested....We reflect upon the meaning of life and death and question everything. We remember our relationship with you, we second guess many things and ourselves. We wonder what we could or should have done better with you....The way that you died was senseless and very hard to accept, the loss of You and Brian is tragic, we are mindful of Alfonso and Tony that were hurt with you. We pray for them and GOD heals them...
SweetHeart we send you off with our best wishes and we pray GOD'S Spirit lead you and guide you. We pray for each other for comfort and peace. We miss you. We love you. Mom and Dad.
Michelle wrote the following assignment 

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Friday, May 06, 2016
Rest in peace beautiful angel. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Monday, April 04, 2016
Dearest Michelle. I am at a loss for words, like so many others. The gravity of the enormous loss of losing you has left us heartbroken beyond words. Your life was full and well lived. We are grateful for having you in our lives albeit too short for our liking. Rest in peace. You will live in our hearts until we meet again.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016
The friends who leave us do not feel the sorrow
Of parting, as we feel it, who must stay
Lamenting day by day,
And knowing, when we wake upon the morrow,
We shall not find in its accustomed place
The one beloved face.

Sunday, March 13, 2016
Michelle disfruta eternamente de los brazos del SeΓ±or

Saturday, March 12, 2016
Hi Michelle

I'm sorry to hear about your passing. I always remember watching you and Skye at Patriot Martial Arts. I remember how Skye looked up to you and appreciated having an older friend. I got to say your parents strength inspires me as a parent. What a beautiful family. I was in the area shortly after the accident and I drove by the scene, I said a prayer for you and your parents. I wish no parent would ever have to endure this tragedy. Your service was amazing and there was a lot of love and memories shared. We all as children of God have the same goal, you were just called sooner than the rest of us and I guess that's where comfort can be found and that is simply you are now walking with God and watching over your parents. Fly with the Angels Michelle and as believers in Christ we know it's not good bye, it's see you later.

Friday, March 11, 2016
My deepest condolences to your family, I am going to pray for and your family. Words may not express how deeply sorry I am to hear about Michelle's departure. My deepest sympathy for your loss. But her mission was completed here. The Lord called her name.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family. May your beautiful memories of Michelle sustain and bring comfort to you and loved ones during these moments.

My heart is filled with joy anytime I see how much happiness Michelle brought to everyone who knew her. Please accept my deepest sympathies and know that my prayers are with you during this time.

Friday, March 11, 2016
Michelle, your mom misses you so much. I wish this never happened, but I know you are in a better place watching over your mother and father. I remember us being little girls and you, Lori, and I would be goofy and laugh together. The whole class of Holy Redeemer misses you so much. I will forever hold you in my heart.

Friday, March 11, 2016
Dear Gigi and Willy. We only met Michelle briefly at a Company picnic a few years ago. We are deeply saddened about your loss. More than a loss - a beloved child who was loved so well she loved the world back so beautifully. Our hearts pour out to you and know you are in our prayers.

Friday, March 11, 2016
Michelle I never met you but I love your family very much. They all speak so highly of you and I'm proud to call you a friend. Rest in peace beautiful angel. You will never be forgotten.

Friday, March 11, 2016
Disfruta de la vida eterna Michelle y en los brazos del SeΓ±or. Te tendrΓ© en mis oraciones siempre

Friday, March 11, 2016
I never met you but I spoke with your dad. He told me he was so lucky to have you as his daughter. My sympathy to your family and friends.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016
Descansa en los brazos de Dios , Michell

Thursday, March 03, 2016
My deepest sympathy to the family of this beautiful young women, May God bring you peace in your time of morning..

Wednesday, March 02, 2016
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.



  1. πŸ’— I still can't believe she is gone! Through her passing I have learned to hold my children tighter and to really be more kind! There is not q say that has gone by and my heart does not weigh heavy! Love you willy!

  2. I still can't believe that I won't see her again. She was my precious angel ,my baby,the most important part of my heart. I am extremely devastated but I know she wants me to move on, I don't know how but I will try my best for her,for me and my husband ,for Michelle's friends and family. My faith in God is stronger than ever,he is giving us peace and comfort at the most difficult time in our life. Thanks to all for the love and support we truly appreciated , Michelle's mom

  3. Glory and Praise be to God in the name of Jesus Christ. I am truly sorry for your temporary loss, but you will see her again. MML also stands for the 3 synoptic gospels - Matthew Mark and Luke and MML in Roman Numerals equals 2050. I was given this sign just at the turning of midnight this year, 2018. I do not know what it means. I'm not going to say it is when Jesus comes, because no one is to know that, but I'm sure it is of some significance. Peace and Love to you and yours! You will see Michelle again!