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I have created this page to make an ongoing 4 Part Story about Michelle Littlefield 
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How to deal with the Pain
Moving On?    Out Of Order 

Michelle with her Mom Gigi - shopping together

Michelle with her Mom overlooking Sylmar CA
hey mom, I'm so sorry I haven't written any long paragraphs for a really long time. I've just been overwhelmed with school and prom coming up and trying to do everything I have to do. SO I'm currently cleaning but I'm taking a little break so I can write to you.
Well for starters, Christian and I are great. We had open house on dad's birthday and I boiled and fried yuca! We went to Vallarta and we bought it fresh and so when Christian went to swim, his mom and I boiled it and whatnot. I peeled like 5 of them all by myself. She helped me cut it and boil it. I was exausted though, so i took a nap in christians room and when i woke up christian was already back from swim and the mom finished the yuca and it was really delicious! We brought it for open house and we're getting a lot of extra credit and my spanish teacher said it was really delicious. I wanted the watermelon drink they usually sell there so yesterday christian took me back to buy some and we bought yuca again and cooked it last night for the family. It was a lot of fun hehe.
I tried telling daddy to celebrate his birthday with me, at least for him to have dinner with me or something, but you know daddy, he doesn't like parties and everything haha. Anyways since dad's birthday was the same day as my 5 month anniversary and open house, right after open house christian and I went to Red Lobster and the food was delicious. It was really romantic and lots of fun. Once we went back to his house he gave me a cute little panda bear he bought at Las Vegas and asked me to prom. So now I need to buy a dress but when you get back, there will only be 5 days left and all the nice dresses will be gone. :,( So Christian's mom is offering to take me dress shopping sometime soon 😀 I'll be sure to send you a picture when I buy a dress. Oh and Christian's mom and Christian have been giving me rides every day, not Kia because I didn't want to stay after school that long.
School's been pretty good lately, it's been pretty tough but my grades are going up so far, except for physics...but hopefully i'll be okay with that, its really really hard though, I might have to take a whole year of it all over again D: Math is good though, I currently have a high B and in spanish I HAVE AN A 😀 hehehe but we have a really hard test coming up and I'm bummed I don't have you here to help me. 😞 I miss you so much mommy, I wanna go dress shopping with you and tell you about my day every day and I'm sad I can't do that. I haven't heard your voice for so long and I really really miss it. When I called home and heard the home voice message with you going I , NOBODY IS HERE TO GET YOUR CALL, PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE AFTER THE TONE" I almost cried hearing that cuz i missed your voice so much . This is Michelle Littlefield messenger text when I went to Europe with my sisters in 2013 . It is amazing to have the opportunity to read those messages because I realized that we as a parents gave to Michelle all the love that we possible can give to another human being and now she is rejoicing in heaven with God . Sending millions of hugs and kisses Michi . It is bittersweet read it all the post messages , cards and see videos of all of our treasure moments that we shared with you our babe . One day we will be reunited until then we need to celebrate life and all the blessings that we been received daily and continue spread love, light, faith , hope, kindness every day of our earthly existence . Gigi . Thanks God for give me the capacity to understand the why . I love you with all my heart

Michelle's Life: Notes
Part One
Michelle Marylin Littlefield was born on October 28th in 1996, in Glendale, California. Her first home was in Glendale too, in Adams Square on Palmer St. This location was especially ideal because it was close to her paternal grandmother, Marilyn Littlefield, who lived nearby.
Gigi recalls that Michelle developed quickly –
she walked at 10 months, and ran at a year old. While this caused Gigi a bit of worry – she was always concerned she'd crash into something or another, or fall flat on her face, she was never too worried, for, she says, Michelle always seemed like an old soul and she knew that one way or another, she'd be okay.
Passenger | Let Her Go  #2  Let her Go SONG

Michelle at the Palmer St house in Glendale, CA.
Michelle at Chuckey Cheese
On the other hand, Gigi and Willy recall that when Michelle was three years old, they visited a cemetery along with Marilyn. They were at Forest Lawn, Gigi remembers, in Glendale. There were alone, other than the three of them, and driving up the road. Michelle was sitting in the back seat, and looked quite excited. She began to wave.
Gigi was puzzled. She asked Michelle who she was waving to.  
Michelle began to bounce up and down. “Friends!” she proclaimed gleefully. “Friends, friends!”
Gigi frowned. “There's no one there,” she said.
But Michelle happily disagreed. “No, there is!” she replied. “FRIENDS!”
But despite Gigi's best attempts, she could not see anything there, and it was then she realized that whatever it was, these unseen “friends,” were only for Michelle's sight.
 Michi with her Grandma Marylin 
At Whites Point Beach in San Pedro / Los angeles, CA.

As Michelle grew up, the old soul trait remained, but other traits began to show as well, such as an imaginative mind (as a kid, she would hold up a piece of Broccoli and yell, “Tree! Tree!” much to Gigi's amusement), a body that had seemingly endless energy (she hated naps), and a love for animals, which Gigi says she saw most clearly when Michelle's young class adopted a bunny, and

Michelle could not get enough of it, or give it enough love.
She was also easily delighted.
One of Gigi's fondest memories of Michelle as a baby was at Michelle's first birthday party in Palmer Park. Gigi remembers that she dressed as a clown and painted faces. Michelle was thrilled. Below Gigi (GigiRing) with Michelle.

Michelle w/ Skye and brother at Montasia in Santa Clarita

ABOVE - Jamie Littlefield with Michelle - My heart is breaking for my beautiful cousin Michelle Littlefield, who passed away in a car accident in California. I look back on all our family gatherings, birthdays, and crazy massive Christmases so fondly now. She even caught the bouquet at my wedding ten years ago. All my love to her family and friends, and her incredible parents Willy and Gigi in particular.

Michelle always loved family, friends and parties

As far as the energy goes, Willy recalls that from the time Michelle was five, to about thirteen years of age, he and Michelle used to constantly play on the PS2 together. They especially enjoyed playing racing and RV games, with rock music blasting in the background, and would spend their time trying to crush each other with the video game cars. Willy notes that the games really seemed to bring out Michelle's assertiveness. She enjoyed winning and she was good at it. And even though she won often, Willy swears he never EVER let her win.   Michelle also had a strong love of travel that may have been developed from the time she was a baby.

Willy and Gigi began to travel with Michelle since the time she was very young. One of the first big things they did with Michelle was an 11 day cruise that went to the Caribbean. Their cruise left on Christmas Eve, 2000, and returned on the fifth of January in 2001. They started in Miami, Florida, and went places that included Haiti, St. John's, Saint Martin, and Puerto Rico. It was especially nice, Willy recalls, because “They were on the ocean on Christmas.” On boxing day, though, there was a big earthquake in Indonesia, and they were in the ocean during the time of the tsunami. But luckily, of course, they were on the other side of the world. Still, it had enough of an impact that Willy remembers it to this day.

But that was far from the only trip they took. Willy and Gigi recall that the first trip Michelle took was when she was only 8 months old. They visited San Antonio in Texas. A few years later, when Michelle was three, they all traveled to Michelle's aunt's house in Ecuador. Then, it was off to Florida. Willy and Gigi recall that they went many times, but on the first of these, Michelle was only three and it was one of her first times in an airplane. They went to Coral Gables, in Miami, and a year later, went back and visited Orlando. Willy recalls these trips to Florida with pleasure. He says he remembers escorting Michelle around both nature and animal parks, and seeing the alligators and crocodiles, as well as visiting several different malls with her.
Gigi remembers when they went to Disney World. She recalls that they had breakfast in the hotel lobby and that they were surrounded by Disney characters. “Michelle was obsessed,” she remembers with a smile. “It was magical for her.”
Michelle's next trip however, took her into quite a different climate from the sunny beaches of Florida, for when she was five, she and her parents visited Veil, Colorado, and stayed at Breckenridge. It was on this trip that Michelle learned to ski.

Michelle with Mom and Gomez family - Ski trip Colorado

Then, when she was eight, it was off to New York, New York, and then, when she was eight or nine, it was back to Florida's beach community for a relative's wedding. Gigi's Niece, Denise, was getting married, and so, since they were already in Orlando, Gigi, Willy, and Michelle went to Disney World. And when Michelle was 11, they made the trek to the Grand Canyon.
But not all the trips were so far away. Willy recalls that they took a great deal of day trips that took them all over the local landscape. They went to Mammoth,
Palm Springs, San Diego,

Michelle's GM Marilyn gave Michelle this card above
Encinitas and even drove down to Mexico, where they went to Tijuana,

Rosarito and La Bufadoria
But Willy remembers a few trips more fondly then others, and one of his favorites was their trip to Lone Pine, California, where they stayed with Marilyn and Michelle's cousins. It was an overnighter and they spent a grand two days marathoning both Harry Potter and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. And after this great adventure, they went on up to Mammoth!  
Then there was the time in Mammoth. Willy recalls that it was only 44 degrees, but they went out swimming in the hot springs, despite the fact it was snowing!
Another spectacular trip was when they took a road trip up to San Francisco. They came down to Half Moon Bay, walked on Pebble Beach in Monterey Bay, and saw some truly beautiful meadow land along the way.

 Jesse - Kyle Granny Michelle - Auntie Carol - Gigi - Lori (below)
Finally, Willy and Gigi remember their trip down to Mexico where they saw La Bufadora – one of the biggest blowholes in North America. They recall that seeing the water and air going up so suddenly and sharply was an absolute thrill. They also recall riding around in a carriage and eating fruits and coconuts on the beach.

Michelle Littlefield - Loved her Family and Friends -

Michelle and Mama Gigi - Below

But it wasn't always family on these trips, especially in San Diego, where they took Melody, a friend from Michelle's Martial Arts classes,

to the San Diego Zoo with them. Or, on a separate occasion where they took two other friends and students, April and Kimberly, there as well.
I found it Michelle’s best friend Harry since she was 6 years old , she loved him , she took everywhere with her , now Harry is with me , one piece of Michelle , really make me so happy ❤️
Places Traveled.
Why and how
Special Details
8 Months
San Antonio, Texas

3 Years
Went with her parents to visit her aunts' house (Gigi's sister(s))

3 Years
Florida – Coral Gables, Miami

Was one of her earliest times on an airplane

4 Years

*Willy escorted Michelle around Nature Parks and also Animal Parks that had crocodiles and alligators. They also walked around several different malls together.   
*Not sure where this detail goes, but I'm thinking Florida because of the crocodiles
5 Years
Veil, Colorado to the Breckenridge Ski resort.

Michelle learned to Ski

8 Years
New York

8, 9 Years
Beach Community

8, 9 Years
Gigi's Niece's (Denise) Wedding.
Gigi, Willy, and Michelle went to Orlando to Disney World.

Chicago, Peoria, Illinois.
Baby Baptism

Not sure if Michelle actually went here. I can't recall if they decided if it was just Gigi who went or if she took Michelle with her.

Lone Pine, CA

Went with Marilyn, and Michelle's cousins. Watched Harry Potter, the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and stayed overnight. Then they went to Mammoth.

Mammoth MTN
Hot Springs

It was 44 degrees out and we went swimming there out in the the hot springs when it was snowing.
Age 11
Grand Canyon


It was 114 degrees in the shade - went swimming in Lake Havasu

11 or so?
Whitney Portal in Lone Pine

Palm Springs

San Francisco
Road Trip,drove along the Coast, came down to Half Moon Bay

Pebble Beach in Monterey Bay
Same trip.
They went through beautiful meadow land

One Day Excursions

How and why
Special Details



Palm Springs

When Michelle was 3 ½, she attended Kedren Preschool, in Glendale, California. She was very social and independent from a young age and had lots of friends. Her days ran from 12 to 4 pm, and she was quite happy. The school had a lot of field trips and she learned a great number of things. These included English, Spanish, and Armenian (which she could speak and sing in), social skills, manners, letters, reading, and computers. She learned to read between the ages of three and four.
And her good education was owed in no small part, to Willy, who worked very hard with her on her letters, numbers, and computer skills which she was on his lap. “We bought lots of educational learning material and went through it extensively,” Willy remembers.
In addition, Gigi and Willy recall that when Michelle was three or so, Willy took to teaching her all about the human body, using a giant body board and having her use a pointer to show him on the board the names of different anatomy. They also worked with flashcards and other educational tools to constantly try and help Michelle be the best student and person that she could be. “We stimulated her,” Gigi notes.  
But it wasn't just work, for they also played many games, such as a “mouse and cheese” game and Willy worked hard to teach her the “artistry of words.” And it worked well, for Michelle was especially strong in English, computers, letters, and reading, all things her parents had really made an effort to teach her.  
After she graduated from Kedren,
she went on to John Marshall Elementary School, also in Glendale.
She spent Kindergarten, 1st, and the early part of 2nd grade there. Then, in September of 2003, when Michelle was nearly seven years old, they moved to Sunland and Michelle started at Sunland Elementary Below Michelle with Sunland Elementary friend Katrina.
Michelle with Katlynn
in October of the same year. She graduated out from Sunland Elementary in May 2007 and then the search for a school was on again. Gigi recalls that they had an incredibly hard time finding the right fit for Michelle, but they finally settled on Holy Redeemer in Montrose, and a new chapter of Michelle's life began. She would attend this school from 6th-8th grade.

The teacher that helped Michelle to embrace God and Goodness - 
Holy Redeemer - MRS Lisa Cracchiolo Tush
You’re too sweet! She was an exceptional student who loved learning.

Michelle Littlefield's best friend and family 6-8 plus grades - Lori C. and family.

Below Michelle Littlefield with Auntie Glorita

Michelle Littlefield with Mom at UNIVERSAL 
Additional Notes
Date or Time

3 ½
Kedren Preschool
Glendale, CA
Social Skills
and could speak/sing in all of those
She was independent.
Attended the school from 12-4 every day
Had lots of friends.
Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd
John Marshall Elementary School

Sunland Elementary

Started the 2nd Grade in Oct. 2003

MT Gleason Jr High

Spent only one day there. Hated it.

Holy Redeemer
Montrose Glendale, CA

Had a HARD time finding a good school.

West Ranch High school
Santa Clarita

Sept 2010

College of the Canyons

Moved from
Moved to

Palmer St
Adams Square District, Glendale

It was close to Marilyn Littlefield, who also lived in Glendale


Sept 22nd 2003

Close to Sunland Elementary

Stevenson Ranch
April 2010

Stevenson Ranch

Gigi Littlefield My precious angel Michelle, Congrats on your special day, we wish all the happiness in the world and every of your dreams come true. We are so proud of you, still I can't believe today we are celebrating this great accomplishment, sometimes I feel still in shock to look at you and see my sweet little girl flying with her own wings very high, I am very happy to see you that strong and brave ready to conquer any obstacles, sharp and smart, honest ,extremely clever, funny, sweet,with a giant heart, we love you here to the stars, your dad and I will be always here for you, and remember follow your dreams no matter what, big hug and many kisses <
Michelle with her Dad

Michelle with her Aunt and Cousin

The Karate Schools
In April of 2002/2003, Gigi and Willy opened their Karate School in Eagle Rock, California. Michelle was six years old at the time, and the experience in the karate school would forever change how she interacted in the world. Each week, she would be in the karate school anywhere from two to five days after school, and when she was there, she would be there for anywhere from two to four hours!

Michelle sitting, wearing glasses. Right 2nd 

And she was hardly passive in the situation. Instead, she took an active role, and if she wasn't doing her school homework, you could find Michelle out on the Karate floor, taking classes with her parents, helping set up, or chatting with the students or their families.
And she did chat – she liked to be with big and little kids alike. She chatted with her younger classmates, ages 3-6, but she also enjoyed the company of the older children – and her father, who taught the advanced classes. And it worked well for her, for although she was competitive, she was also thoughtful, kind, and compassionate, and as she got older, these traits grew, especially from the time she was six and up.
But, the other students weren't the only ones she spoke too. Frequently, she would befriend a student's parent or grandparent and, while they waited, would chat with them in both depth and length. And they loved it.
Below Teacher Mike, Gigi, Michelle, April, Skye, Brianna at the Cherry Blossom Festival

One grandmother even left a card for Michelle, when she and her family moved away. When Gigi, surprised, asked what Michelle had spoken about with this old woman, to get such a nice card from her, Michelle replied smiling, that, “We talked about everything.” Michelle with friend at the Kern River

Michelle had good friends that she met at the Karate School and then became friends in and out of Karate

But in short, it was like a ready made social life for Michelle, although she took advantage of it in ways many others would not have. She had friends constantly, all around her, and as a result was never deprived of a social life.

She also truly enjoyed helping her parents run the karate classes, especially as she got older and gained skills. And she always, whether she was young or old, led by example.
She was a natural born teacher, and would show other students the techniques and help them develop the abilities they needed to succeed. She saw, effortlessly, it seemed, the potential each student possessed, and felt the desire to draw it out of them. And so she did, brilliantly, in many cases.
And she herself was polished. Very polished, and she practiced hard to keep it that way. And she was proud of all the work that she and her parents had accomplished. So much so that when she was in first grade, she brought a boy from her class named Kevin to the studio and showed him everything. Willy felt that it showed “her commitment to us.”  

She was always with her parents, and the school was an integral part of all of their lives. They not only spent most of their days at the studio, but also spent many holidays and birthdays there as well. Martial Arts, it was always a “we thing,” Willy recalls.

The parties were something else. They were especially known for their pinatas, which would have not only all kinds of candy in them, but toys (usually from Toys R Us) and cash as well. One time, they even had a pinata that was filled with $100 (in small bills, of course)! Willy says that to get the money for this, they had passed around a hat to all the parents, who, of course, donated gladly.
They also had huge potlucks and watched movies, which often went late into the night, meaning that the students would wind up being there from about three in the afternoon to nine o'clock at night.
Willy recalls that they used to do all kinds of competitions at the school as well. They were mostly pop quizzes, of a kind, and the competitions would include stretching, splits, back bends, jumps, kicks, and obstacle courses. They were big courses, and Willy recalls that the competitions were met with lots of energy and happy screaming. In addition, there were prizes. Three dollars for first place, two for second place, and one for for third place. Michelle loved these competitions and participated as often as she could.
Willy notes that Michelle had a sort of dependence on the martial arts studio, though, as that was where all of her friends were. So, it comes as little surprise then, that she was quite serious about remaining there and practicing her craft.
Michelle did earn her black belt, at the tender age of 10 years old. But it took her seven years of intense training to get it. Willy notes that when she received it, “she was fully qualified” and she truly merited the belt, and all the belts she had earned up to that point. He never EVER gave her anything of her accomplishments. They were entirely her own. Willy notes too, “I never gave her any allowances.”

And it was by her own enthusiasm and love for Martial Arts, that got her through it to begin with. Willy notes, that even from when she was very young, for the most part, she was “enthusiastic, very motivated, and excited. It was never burdensome for her, she always loved it.” She always took it seriously, and, Willy adds, “she didn't cry or complain. EVER. Not one time.”
He also notes that while her friendships and extracurricular activities, and experiences stretched outside of Martial Arts, they nearly always started there, and then bloomed into more.
Willy feels strongly that despite the fact that Michelle was an only child, because of Martial Arts, that she was never deprived any friends, or family connections. Or even potential romantic interests, for the boys at the studio also adored Michelle and she adored them back. Willy recalls that Michelle was “boy-crazy since the time she was five years old.” and remembers that the boys would always fight over who would hang out with Michelle.
But it was more than the social aspects that Michelle gained from Martial Arts. It was truly a family affair. Other than her and her parents, to whom Martial Arts meant a lot, Michelle's cousins, Kyle and Jesse were Martial Artists too. And due to the fact they saw each other often, and practiced Martial Arts together, Kyle and Jesse were more like brothers to Michelle.

Kyle especially, since her never left her side, and was the same age as her, as well as in the same classes. But he and Jesse both, were incredibly special to Michelle and remained very close to her until her teens. The school would stay open for four years.
Part Three
(10 -15)

In 2008, Willy and Gigi opened another karate school in Sunland, CA. They did so after Michelle had hounded them for months. Willy says, “She was egging us to do karate again, but she wanted to do it with us.” And so, their second school began. Gigi remembers setting the tile in the new studio. She recalls that she couldn't move for four days afterward and that her knees turned purple.  
Gigi and Willy muse about why martial arts was so important to Michelle. “It became the center of our life, and so the center of hers,” Willy notes. Gigi adds, “It made her solid inside, like iron.” It also helped her to develop confidence, as well as aggressiveness and assertiveness that meshed well with her compassionate, kind nature. She also had a very strong moral compass and a sense of justice that defined everything she did. The Martial Arts Studio in Sunland would be open for 12 months, before shutting its doors in 2009.
 Michelle and Mother Gigi - Moro Bay
Willy notes, “Even Michelle was aware that life wasn't fair, but she wanted everything to be fair. [She] was aware that life wasn't always fair or kind, [but despite this knowledge,] Michelle was fair and kind.”  Below Michelle with Gama Marilyn and Aunt Jeril
Michelle was also close to her grandmother, Marilyn. Michelle adored her grandmother and expressed it often in writing as well as verbally. She and Marilyn had a close relationship and had many wonderful adventures together.
Michelle and her dad at Father Daughter dance Holy Redeemer

Holy Redeemer
Montrose Glendale, CA

Below Michelle with Lori C. 
Michelle's Family from Ecuador  

11/14/09 Taken from Michelle's diary
Dear diary
Sorry about the times I forgot to finish my story. I really didn't want to forget the thing I need to tell you. I had a dream, probably the best dream in my life. I remember driving in a car with my grandma, my cousins, Kyle and joey, and my parents. It seemed we were driving in space and we stopped at a house just floating in the middle of nowhere. We stopped the car and we approached the porch and we rang the doorbell. Might I add that I believe I was 16 - 20 years old. A guy, about my age , opens the door and says hello. He smiles at me and I smile back . Joey , grandma and my parents are in the car . So its only me and Kyle . For some reason, in order to get in specific rooms, you have to be a certain level. The rooms got prettier every level higher . I passed all the levels . I remember his last name , but not his first name. His last name was underline capital Bri__tatinam underline an_e, pronounced Brit-ta-tie-na-mane '' Michelle underlined the name Brian. He had short, spicked up, dark brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. He leaned over and kissed my cheek, then he leaned over again and kissed my lips . For some reason, I felt like I knew him ever since I was small . I think I had this dream because of the book I'm reading, City of Ashes and just read a chapter where Simon kisses Clary, so yea. Oh also, his dad changed the doors white to black and I told him I was claustrophobic and he told me he already knows. It was like we were trapped in a box so I couldn't breath, but there was a big doggy door that I slid out and so did he .
The End                                                         Departure 

Gigi Littlefield    Fri 10/26/2018 8:12 PM
Michelle Littlefield had a dream when she was 13 years old from her own words the best dream of her life . She met in her dream to Brian Lewandowski , (her friend who died with her in the fatal car crash on Feb. 27, 2016) and mentioned his name, underlined and also described perfectly how he looked physically, it was a vision of her accident but also I totally think it was a description of heaven in my opinion. Michelle was not only special and extraordinary young woman with so many attributes and big heart she was also an old soul , deep and thoughtful, kind , compassionate, the part I always admired the most is her persistent ,strong mind and moral compass that built a wonderful person who was , she never compromised her principles no matter how strong it was the peers pressure that she felt in many moments of her life , she preferred in many occasions to be excluded or isolated socially for maintained her clear path. We are so proud of her , she was definitely a great leader, never a follower. She wants to be good in every aspect and help others to be good as well . She stood out from the crowd. She made much brighter the lives of many for that I need to extend her message . She will be so happy that other young people get know what she knew in a short time , because she wants that everyone learn that is possible to accomplish any dream and live an amazing life without nothing external that changes your chemistry or alter your mind . She didn’t have the time to accomplished all of her dreams but she left the trail of goodness ,wisdom, love and beauty for the future generations, for our family, friends and everyone that we will be reach with her message , your story ,your dream will be share with the world . Forever in our hearts and minds Michi ❤️ until we meet again. 
Hey Michi in two days we will celebrate your life , yes it is your birthday 🎂 in earthly years October 28th you would be 22 , big party in heaven sending to you all of our love and kisses , we love you here to the stars and back 🌼❤️   
Stevenson Ranch and High School
Michelle, Willy, and Gigi moved to Stevenson Ranch in April of 2010. It was a lovely place, defined by its entrance, which had beautiful blue tile and a waterfall cascading down the front of it. But that wasn't why they moved. Michelle with Family Christmas
Rather, they moved in order for Michelle to start ninth grade at West Ranch High School in Santa Clarita Valley in September of that same year. It was a good school, in excellent condition, and one that had been recently built and opened, and as result had all the bells and whistles one could hope for in a school, as well as good teachers, students, and staff.
Michelle outside in snow and on stairs Blake Ct. Stevenson Ranch, CA

Michelle's - West Ranch High School
Part Four, The Last Four Years
(15 through 19)
Romantic Life
Michelle wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend until she was sixteen years old. She chose Christian Quebral

on November 11th of that same year. Christian had a large family,

which Michelle instantly fell in love with, since it complimented her life as an only child quite well.

Above Michelle Littlefield with Kati the white dog - Below with Christian Q.

Happy Halloween

Christian was the oldest, and he had two younger brothers, (CHRISTOPHER X MICHELLE)

Christopher and Charles. Michelle also loved his parents, Cathy and Caesar, who were incredibly kind and welcoming to her. Michelle became a part of Christian's family – and vice versa. Michelle was, in Willy's words,

“Delighted to be immersed in this new, fun, family setting, with a second set of parents, two brothers, and a boyfriend.” He also adds, “They completely embraced and adopted Michelle.” And as a result, “Michelle was afforded many new and intriguing experiences and family dynamics in the best of ways.”

Above Michelle with Grandma Marilyn Littlefield 
Below Michelle with Christian at Rancho Palos Verdes church
Michelle with the Q B Family - The Q B was Michelle's second family and treated her lovingly.

Christian and Michelle were together for two years exactly, from the ages of sixteen to eighteen. At the end of their time, they broke up, and went their separate ways, but remained friends.
Her next boyfriend was Cole, with whom she'd met at Magic Mountain, while working on the same ride together. She had a good relationship with Cole and with his parents.

Michelle also enjoyed Cole's family and the new friends she made through Cole, but it was “always hard for Michelle not to be integrated with the Quebral family, even though she loved her new experiences with Cole and his friends and family.”
Michelle and Cole went out for a year before breaking it off. And, “after the breakup, Michelle remained friends to varying degrees with her past relationships.”

She didn't have any boyfriends immediately after, but she was very close to one of her friends, Tony, and he was like a brother to her.

In the last months of her life, Michelle was initiated into some of the challenging aspects of adulthood, Willy says, with, all the conflicts and consequences of her relationships, past and present. And as a result, she was extremely conflicted, the high wire actress of a balancing act that tried to process and prioritize her perspectives and relationships.
Willy has this to say about all of it:
“Michelle was spending a great deal of time with Tony. Michelle and Tony helped each other to accentuate and bring out the best in each other. [In addition,] they had life experience past, life experience together, and focused on goals in the future.”

He also adds, “Exactly one month before she died, Michelle also connected again with James. They had connected at Magic Mountain when she first arrived. James asked Michelle to become an item and they started dating.

“The day of Michelle's death terminated all of Michelle's living relationships with James, Tony, Cole, Christian, and the rest of Michelle's relationships.”
But, “at Michelle's funeral, James, Cole, and Christian, stepped up and forward with maturity, to put all differences aside, if any, and became pallbearers in their final goodbye to Michelle, by carrying her one last time until the last day.
“Michelle feels all the love of everyone that met her. You could feel all the love of everyone – even those who couldn't be there.     
       Magic Mountain
When Michelle was seventeen, she became employed at Magic Mountain. She was intrigued to work there for several reasons, the first of which was that it was close.
But there were other reasons too, one of which, Willy says was that, “she [had] learned [that] she was fearless,” which motivated her to try a job, that only years before would have never been anywhere near her consideration.
But things change, and people change, and her old fears of roller coasters were gone, and now she found herself drawn to them.

Michi Life poster above - and life boards below

In fact, according to Willy, she could even be described as “hooked and addicted,” and “conquered all the rides with excitement,” even before she worked there, and so, the job became a natural fit for her.
And as an employee there, {Michelle kept copious notes on everything.} She wanted to really do well, and get the most out of the experience. And she did, as, according to Wily, she {found herself [in] many experiences that helped her develop leadership, communication,} and {team building}, which were steps up in her already natural abilities for these things. And it also{helped her to continue her motivation to be a good example,} that she had started developing at such a young age, due to Martial Arts.
But the job wasn't always fun and games and growth, for she worked 12 hour shifts and put up with “hot weather, rain, and insects, which she hated.”
In fact, as a child, Willy and Gigi recall that the sight of a bug was enough to send her into a screaming fit. But Michelle loved her job anyway.

Michelle out for dinner with Mom and Dad

Below Sterling Smith
"February 27th, 2016 A regular morning, a regular opening shift. A regular walk through pedestrian gate, unaware that the next time I passed through, my hand would be covering my mouth to fight back tears and I would be running to my car to get away from the noise. My shift started at 9:30 am. I was scheduled at Goliath, per usual with Kevin Chevez as my lead. I clocked in and started the familiar walk up to the ride. I was usually the first one up in station, sometimes even beating maintenance. Goliathʼs station is always a quiet one, as it sits way higher than the rest of the area. At around 9:50 am, Kevin had finally made his way up to the ride. He told me he thought he was going to get in trouble with the Supervisors. I canʼt remember exactly why he thought he was in trouble, but I remember the look on his face when he had seen Mike and Darren turn the corner and enter station at around 10 am. He had gotten especially nervous when they told him they needed to talk to him downstairs. He wasnʼt gone long, I would say 8 minutes at the most. Not nearly long enough for him to process what he had just heard. I remember he came back, quiet. He didnʼt say anything at all. I had asked him what happened, he said he couldnʼt talk about it. I nudged him a little, said whatever he got in trouble for canʼt be that bad. He replied with a simple “it wasnʼt about me, I canʼt talk about it.” so I let it go. At around 10:30/11 am, he said “Sterling, there was an accident involving people that I work with”. I asked him who and he said “think about who I work with”. I started naming people off, nothing close to home.
 People I knew Kevin had worked with, were in the hospital but my mind couldnʼt decipher where Michelle was, if not at the hospital. Looking back as Iʼm writing this, I was in denial. I didnʼt have to live with the fact she was gone if I couldnʼt comprehend what he was saying. My mind was trying to save me. “Is Michelle okay?” I finally gathered up the courage to ask. He repeated what he said. My whole body broke out in a cold sweat and I  went into shock. He could see the physical change in my body and told me to go on break as tears were starting to fall. I didnʼt walk to Oasis (the cafeteria), I ran. I ran down Goliathʼs exit ramp, dodging people who were walking up. I ran into Oasis, straight past all my crying coworkers  to the backstage area outside. I pulled out my phone with shaking hands and called my mom. I was crying, begging her to pick up. She finally answered and the second I heard her voice, I broke down. She kept trying to ask what was going on, what was wrong but I was wailing, in physical pain at that point. I blurted out “there was an accident. My friend died. Sheʼs dead” nothing was as unexpected as this. My mom kept telling me to come home and I said no every time. I stayed at work my whole shift. Sometime during the day, the full timers came to tell us there were grief counselors there for us, we could clock out, take the weekend off if we needed. I stayed behind so those who couldnʼt keep their composure could go home if they needed. I didnʼt think I had it in me to cry in front of a crowd of strangers as I was checking their seats, but it turns out that that day, I didnʼt have a lot of anything in me. The strangest experience is feeling completely  that night. I had made it to the backstage area, walked as fast as I could through pedestrian gate with my hand over my mouth and my head hanging low. The second I cleared the gate, I took off running to my car. I donʼt remember what happened after I got to my car. I know it was the first time I was alone since I had found out, so the tears must have been nonstop because I drove home crying the entire way. All the way in the right hand lane, doing about 50 mph, absolutely terrified. This part is foggy and my timeline from here is a blur. I got home from work and collapsed on the stairs. I stayed there for awhile, unable to move. After awhile, I had made it to my bedroom and was there for the remainder of the night. Work for the next few days was strange. I opened on Sunday, February 28th and  Michelleʼs name was still on the schedule for opening lead so I cried some more. Fellow coworkers were not smiling as much, and were not laughing as much. Goliath had always been my favorite ride to work at but I was honestly dreading going into work, especially that ride. Every time I would walk up to the station, I would turn the corner expecting to see Michelle but she was never there again. There was such a thick layer of fog on everything and it went unspoken. Jackie had mentioned she had heard a bunch of different theories about the accident, whereas I had not. Iʼm not sure if people avoided talking about it around me because I was unstable or if I was just so lost in my head that I was not following the conversations taking place around me. I had heard one employee about a week later say that he had just gone to Disneyland the previous day and he could still see the burn marks on the freeway from where the accident was. I looked at him and snarled “itʼs only been a week. How could you even say that?” I had to take a breather outside. That was the only time anyone spoke of the accident around me.
AS TOLD BY JACKIE C. 12 8 2018 -  Noon Time IN PALMDALE CA
Above - Sterling, Bear, Gigi, Jackie
Dear Willy and Gigi,
This letter has been the hardest thing for me to do but knowing that it will help you in some way I am more than happy to do it.
I remember walking up the Lex exit like any other shift, the beginning portion of the day was magnificent, nothing happened. Like any other Saturday I probably was doing homework or watching TV with my nephew or my mother. At work he backstage area seemed normally busy, nothing Grimm or out of the ordinary was going but once I passed the first aid office, where all employees enter and exit the park, I felt something strange. I wouldn’t be able to tell you what I felt but there was a coldness in the air that was not weather related however I also cannot describe it completely. It was strange and yet like it had been there for hours. I walked a few guest, since Lex was right next to First Aid I never had to walk past too many guest. I remember walking up the exit my old cheerful self not really looking forward to the closing shift but also being okay with who the crew were or the night. I saw my leads gathered up by the panel watching me as I walked up, it was late that I found out why they were staring at me because they were analyzing if I was okay or if I even knew about the accident. As soon as I got to hearing distance to the crew that were at 200 (a position that is isolated from panel) I got called over to talk to them before going to panel. It was in a way that they had news to tell him. The first thought that went through my head was that there was some gossip to find out about someone either getting fired, or some sort of new love triangle.
I walked up to 200 and began talking to them. Larry started by asking if I had hear what happened yesterday, and I said I had not, unaware that my day was about to take a turn for the absolute worse. Very interested I asked what happened and he got a look in his eye like he was going to tell me the most juiciest gossip of all time. I don't remember how he start or what were his exact words but I do remember him mentioning everyone names and something about being in a horrible accident. At first I was unable to talk to and I don't remember if I was even breathing and time suddenly stood still. I remember not being able to hear the loudness of Lex’s winch as he went on to explain where the accident, a terrible car accident last night with people that we know and that two of them had died on the spot.
I remember not being able to speak and ask who it was.
He told me: …… Michelle, (the Goliath lead and pointed towards Goliath that he pointed next to our ride,) gone, he snapped his fingers in a nonchalant way. I remember I started to cry when he said that because he said it with such ease and without any pain. It was like he was talking about someone quitting on the spot or being fired. Then he mentioned Brain and said it in the same way. More tears, I tried to hold back my tears and talk through it. He went to explain that Brain was Robert’s twin brother and that the cutest of the twin had died. And I said “that is besides the point, being cute or a good person doesn’t matter, the fact that a life is gone”. Finally I asked about the other two people and he started with Anthony and said that he is in the hospital and that he is in better condition than Alfonso. I asked which Anthony and told me it was Tony from Throttle and he said that Tony was driving.
I remember not being able to speak and that is when my leads called me over, by that time I had tears running down my face. I went over to panel and they looked at me and asked did you just find out and I went off to explain how Larry had told me. They told me that there were grief councilors available if I needed them and if I wanted to stay my shift or if I wanted to go home. I remember telling them that I was not close to them and I can stay and work while others go talk to someone.
During my break I went to the Oasis and as soon as I walked in there was a cloud over everyone, there were people crying but I sat down under the big TV that plays a slide shows of all employee events and highlights of different employees. During the slideshow came up a picture of Michelle and Nichol hugging each other with a big smile as well as another picture of her (that picture I don’t remember what it looked like). While I sat there waiting to see her face I hear someone crying loudly and turned to see Nichol being consulted by a bunch of people.
I went to the bathroom that was downstairs, but once I got to the door I stopped and tears rushed back down. Michelle and I would constantly run into reach other at the restroom. Even before I knew who she was I would run into her there. It became our joke that we will always be meet in the bathroom; every time one of us was in a hurry while the other was talking their time.
The atmosphere of the park that day was not the best, there was a cloud of pain and confusion. The guest kept coming and going and we all were walking zombies: with tears rolling down our faces every one and then. The next day I remember coming in to open but the cloud was still hanging low over the park but it felt heavier around area 2 and 3. I remember seeing a punch of people but cant tell you want they said to me or if I even spoke to anyone.
The day started and before I knew it it was lunch time and I was back in Oasis with people all over me. Some people were still crying while other where confused onto what was happening. I remember seeing Kamiko hanging with Nichol as she cried and cried. I want to move towards them but the voice inside said that I had no right to be there with them because I didn’t know Michelle or Brain that well or at all. I did not hang out with them outside of work or know what their major was or even know their favorite color or their Zodiac sign so I sat there not being able to eat and waited for the TV to show the pictures of her. I remember that I wanted to see her smile cause it will brighten my day. (below Nichol with Michelle)

When alas the pictured appeared I hear a loud cry and turned to the table that Kamiko was sitting at and saw Nichol run out of the building. And I heard someone say that they shouldn’t be playing her picture anymore. But to me it was something that helped. Knowing that she was still a part of the Six Flags Family was nice. When I finally went back to work I couldn’t concentrate very well but pushed through. At some point a guest came up to me and said that I had made her laugh, I don’t know what I did or what a said that made her laugh but I said “that is what I'm here for” and she gave me a hug and said “thanks, today has been a weird day here because there are employees everywhere that are emotionless.” She asked me if something had happened because it has been a weird weekend, and that there was a few employees crying as they checked seat. As she she talked I bite my tongue because it was so obvious that the park was grieving and in such pain. I couldn’t get any words out and thought I couldn’t open up to a stranger and turn her day how mine was turned the day before. When I spoke I told her that the park had suffered a great loss and it has impacted all levels of employees specifically this part of the park; she then told me that it felt different there than it does at the other side of the park. I looked at her in the eye and she gave me another hug and said I am so sorry for your loss and I couldn’t let go because it was the first time that I felt like I had actually lost someone. The rest of my shift was a blur.
Whiling walking out that night I saw Nichol by ESO with some people around her, I walked right up to her, blowing past everyone around her and gave her a hug. I don’t remember what I said to her but it was something along the line: you’ll be okay, I a sooooo very sorry. You are a strong person and if you need anything, I know everyone might be telling you that but still. She said thanks in such a low and broken voice that I started to cry and she said thank you for giving such a tight hug.
The next few shifts went by in a blur, and people would still cry but it wasn’t as often as it was the weekend we all found out. The cloud that was there that day was a little lighter and there wasn’t such a sadness but I remember supervisors still would come up and ask us if we were okay and if we needed anything. At first it was to check in with the lead and make sure that the crew was doing okay and if they needed to talk to anyone then it become something they always did. Our sups in particularly would always keeping an eye out to make sure that the crew was okay.
Leading up the the funeral not a lot of people would talk about how they felt; it was more on what happened and it was like a new drama scandal. Someone would say that they were decapitated and that it was such a horrible accident that they were unable to identify anyone. I remember hearing that and snapped, I was so angry that someone would say something so insensitive, even if there was some truth to it or not, I was upset. I screamed at them and told them that they were so inconsiderate and dumb for even thinking those thought because it just happened. Some people would tell me to be careful who I talk to because people all over the park where mourning and we didn’t want to make anyone too upset that they couldn’t work.
I heard many stories onto what happened and how the UPS truck landed and who was at fault. There were people that talked about being so heartbroken that they couldn’t really be at work and would call out. Others shared stories about Michelle and Brain and many people kept changing the story onto the condition of Tony and Alfonso. Everything was hard to hear.
Before the funerals took place; I remember people talk about who was going to have the funeral first and if they were going to be able to go to either one of them or if they should attend. I remember thinking that I would like to pay my respect to Brian’s family and let John know that he has friends all over the place but no many people would share information. I asked a few people that I knew worked with Brain but they hasn’t gotten any information, I also searched instagram for something but again found nothing. I finally was able to find something the day before his funeral. Some coworkers of Michelle and Brain from area 3 that had moved to area 2 contacted me and asked if I wanted to carpool together.
We decided to go to Michelle’s funeral together; the drive down was not awkward at all because we shared stories of Michelle and they shared stories of all four of them at work in area 3. When we got close, we all got butterflies (it was 5 girls in the car: Connie was driving, Liz was sitting shotgun, myself, Karina and I think Kamiko went with us) we decided to go to Starbucks before hand because we got there really early: we had seen many coworkers there and it was all a nice greeting, smiles. When we went to Starbucks I saw a travel mug that you can write on with a pen and I decided with Connie that it would be a sweet idea if we can get Michelle’s Six Flags family to sign it or initial it or write something sweet on it. So I decided to buy it. We headed back and it were told that we couldn’t go in with out drinks so we tried to finish it before walking in. I remember shaking Willy’s hand and saying that I knew Michelle from work and Willy thanked us. I wanted to cry but held on.
We were told that the service would start in a few minutes and if we wanted to go see her she was in the side room…… I asked Liz to go with me because all of us got split up to greet other coworkers. I sat down by the door and began to cry. When I went up to say good bye, I thanked her for what she did to me and told her that could never repay here because she brought the love back into Goliath and my job.
The rest of the funeral went by in a blur, to be honest I remember it was beautiful and sweet; filled with laughs and crying and remembering her in best possible way. Just like her, sweet and kind and will with love.

At work people stopped talking about the accident and the lost that we had all experience but it was more like what is the new news we have about the accident and not so much about mourning. I remember a particular coworker always having the latest news about Tony and Alfonso. She was in constant contact with Tony’s aunt and would go see him regularly. Or so she said she would. Later I was told that she was full of it and that she had only talked to tony’s aunt once and hadn't seen him at all but just made stuff up and asked around other areas and then came back to our and said stuff.
It becomes a thing onto who knows the actual truth and soon it become about two areas loosing a lot of their leads AND who will replace them. I remember being told to apply for lead and finally get another female Goliath lead… I remember thinking that I COULD NEVER AND WOULD NEVER replace Michelle and I hated that people would word it in such a insensitive way. I applied and was so grateful I was not place at Goliath because I knew I would have big shoes to fill but one they started the promotion the area kind of didn’t talk about how hard it was to move on. New people got hired and they didn’t know about the loss we had just experienced not even two months before. It became something that was has heavy: the cloud over Six Flags seemed to be only over certain people, the people that were the closest to the loss. Everyone else kind of did not talk about Michelle or Brain that much. The news of Alfonso and Tony were what most people would talk about.
Fastward months afterwards and a year after and so on:
People would talk about the miracle that was Alfonso and how he was doing as well as Tony’s progress or lack there of. It was heartbreaking to hear the stories that Tony kept having strokes and was not awake or even recognized people.
There were stories that spread about people going to see Tony and people talking to Alfonso and so on.
I would bring up Michelle constantly and would talk about her and how she influenced my life to anyone and some people seemed uncomfortable to talk about it but I still did.
I began working in the Operation office and again I would ask if anyone knew anything about Tony and I wouldn’t get a clear answer or anything.
It is sad to say but it was like people moved on and forgot about the great loss we all experienced, in my heart of hearts I know that they didn’t and that they remembered Brain and Michelle in a different way then I did. Their grieving process was different than mine. But it is still sad that they were not talking about anyone or even keep them in mind. I felt as if I couldn’t talk about it anymore people it would just make people uncomfortable so slowly I too stopped talking about the accident and everything that had happened but by then I start to visit Michelle and would talk to her directly.
I never wanted to relive the events of finding out and the days leading to her funeral, I went straight into remembering her and not letting her down by all that she has given me.
-Jackie Contreras

"Loosen my bounds give me strength to break free" , Michelle last wrote note that we found it on a paper in her night stand also on her arm , she did it this with a pen, also I think she wanted to said Loosen my bonds give me strength to break free , she actually mentioned how important was for her instead of ask God for solutions she will prefer that God give her the strength to do it without his help
2014 , Michelle’s first day without braces , 17 years old , my beautiful Michi .
Michelle's Friends

Michelle with Romina above and Below 
Michelle with her friend Lori  C.
Above Michelle with Romina - Below with Laurel C.
Below with Laurel
Below with Laura B.
Below with Skye C.

Michelle with AUNTIE CUCA, Mom,
The Apartment
At age 19, Michelle lived with Gigi and Willy in an apartment in Valencia. They moved there in 2013. They lived in the bottom apartment, which had a cave like entrance in back. Gigi and Willy were not fond of the place, as they found it too dark and cave like, and they didn't really like the area.
Michelle, however, was quite fond of it. It was a two bedroom apartment, which gave Michelle her own master bedroom and an attached bathroom, which she loved.

Michelle also loved living there, because she was so close to everything. Not only was it close to town, but it was only a mile from her work at Magic Mountain and only two miles from her school, College of the Canyons, (COC for short). She loved College of the Canyons tremendously, and would remain enrolled until her untimely death.  
As far as Magic Mountain, and the short trek to work the apartment now allowed her, when Michelle went to work, she would use the employee entrance. And half of the time, either Gigi or Willy would drop her off or pick her up. And when Willy drove her, he felt that they would really bond and get to talk, making it tremendously enjoyable for both of them.
When Michelle wasn't at school or at work, she could be found walking around town with her friends, and she was often found in the local restaurants, especially at the Starbucks or Panda express.
The apartment was also very close to the promenade, where Michelle enjoyed hanging out as well. She generally enjoyed walking the promenade, and going to getting fruit cups, especially Dragonfruit, from Jamba Juice (?).
There was also a brow bar that she often visited.
In short, her time here was a good and blissful one, for the most part, and she had everything she needed from her family, friends, and everyone around her.
Michelle and her dad Willy were very close and enjoyed their Daughter Father relationship - Picture at the Apartment at the Dog Park



Last Day with Michelle
Gigi's last day:
Michelle was very much worried about the future. She had lots of plans and worried about whether they would come to fruition or not. She also worried plenty about us, and told us so often.
Michelle was cognizant and concerned and expressed this feeling to Gigi in terms of our age, life situation, future retirement and financial being.
She was very compassionate that way. When I had a friend with cancer, Michelle came into the kitchen and said, “Hug me. I know you need a hug.”  
But I worried about her. She was always so stressed. So, I told her, “You have all your life in front of you,” especially that last day when we talked about the boy. She was in such a hurry to have everything figured out.
Time Conflict. She had anxiety about time.
When we spoke it was very heart to heart that day. She opened like a book.
Willy's Last Day

The last time I saw Michelle was “at about 11 o'clock, Thursday, February 25th, 2016, Michelle had gotten home and requested my presence and for a conversation that was in her words, 'very important.'

“Little did I know at the time that this would be my last conversation – exchange of words, thoughts and feelings – with my daughter. The type of conversation that it was – was like a life review, of Michelle, up to that time.

“Michelle and I had an excellent conversation. It was heart to heart, as to where Michelle was in her life. Michelle had many choices and decisions to make. For instance: her relationships with her previous and current boyfriends, [and she] was conflicted on where she was going to live, what school she was going to go to, [etc.].

“Michelle expressed many of her concerns, apprehensions, and anxieties. I just let Michelle talk. And I listened.

“The only real advice I had for Michelle at the time was that when you don't know what kind of decision to make, the best thing is to make no decision until you're at peace.

“I felt it my right, and fatherly duty, to express and articulate my love for my daughter. I told Michelle that I knew I was not perfect, but that I had tried to be the perfect father for her. I told her for that, it means that I represent God's love for her.

“I explained to her that God is on her side, God wants her to succeed and that she would always grow. And that if she changed her life, and didn't repeat her mistakes, she would be blessed.

“I repeated to Michelle that God loves her and is on her side.

“Something really strange happened at that time. It was almost as if a portal at that time opened up to another dimension, and Michelle responded to me.

“Michelle said that she loved God, that she wanted to serve God, and she said, she is trying to serve God.

“I was overwhelmed and overcome by her response.

“At that, we closed the conversation. It was late, about 2:30 in the morning. We prayed together.  I blessed her. Kissed her on the forehead and said goodnight. The next night, she died.”

Michelle Littlefield died on February 26th 2016, at 11:56 pm.

Notes from Emery:

I haven't made many edits in this “Last Day” section for deliberate reason: Your words and Gigi's are crucial. I think that is much more important that this section be your voices (though I would like to get more from Gigi, since I really just have fragments here) than if I try to make it fit some unimportant formula. This is about your daughter and it should be your words. At least, that is what I think. Of course, we can work on fine tuning, but I wanted the rawness to be here, and I didn't want to edit it, until you and Gigi decided what direction, what note, you guys wanted it to take.

~ E. S.
Michelle Littlefield Lived in Stevenson Ranch during High School -
She attended West Ranch High School

Michelle Project Notes:

  • At age 19, Michelle lived in an apartment in Valencia. They moved there in 2013.

  • They lived in the bottom apartment that had a cave like entrance in back.
  • Gigi and Willy were not fond of the place, as they found it too dark and cave like, and they didn't really like the area, but Michelle was quite fond of it.
  • It was a two bedroom apartment.
  • She loved living there, because she was so close to everything. She had her own bedroom, that was really like a master bedroom, with an attached bathroom.
  • It was also very close to all the things she liked doing. It was only a mile from her work (Magic Mountain) and only two miles from her college (College of the Canyons, or COC for short).   
  • It was also very close to the promenade, behind the apartment complexes, really, and the promenade, which was really a strip mall, had a place where Michelle liked to get her brows threaded. She generally enjoyed walking the promenade, and she also really enjoyed going and getting fruit cups from Jamba Juice (?). Her favorites were the dragonfruit.   
  • When Michelle would go to work at Magic Mountain, which she loved, she would use the employee entrance. Half of the time, either Gigi or Willy would drop her off or pick her up. And when Willy drove her, he felt that they would really bond and get to talk, making it tremendously enjoyable for both of them.
  • Michelle was enrolled in College of the Canyons until her death. She really enjoyed that as well.
  • When she wasn't there or at work, she could be found walking around town with her friends, especially at the Starbucks or panda express.
  • Before they moved to the apartment though, she lived in Stevenson Ranch.
  • The entrance had beautiful blue tile and a waterfall cascading down.
  • They moved here in April of 2010, and Michelle started at West Ranch High School in Santa Clarita Valley (?) in September of that same year. She went into the ninth grade.

Things to consider/notes on overall form

Section One: Michelle's Life

Section Two: The Crash

Attack Dodge, Fast and the Furious Franchise, and Vin Diesel.

Compare and Contrast:

Paul Walker and The Fast and The Furious


Michelle at Magic Mountain

Her work, her rides and her adrenaline

Open with Street Race (Individualistic)


Theme Park Rides (Team)

Movie Notes:

  • Look at Amusement Park Hopping and then contrast this to the death of Paul Walker, which happened in Valencia.
  • Michelle was aware of his death, and even went to the crash site.
  • Cut back and forth between Michelle at theme park and Fast and Furious.  

The Commerce Crash and Street Racing: A story (2 27 2018)
Two years ago today, I lost one of my childhood friends to street racing. If you're local to LA,
you might even have heard the story: “Teens killed in crash, Street Racing to Blame.”
But it's more than that, as you will soon see. If you research the story, it's actually pretty
simple. Four teens coming back from Disneyland, one stallwart UPS driver, and two
devious street racers, one of whom lost control of his car, hit the UPS Truck. the Tractor
Trailer flipped, and sheered off the top of the teen's car, killing two of them instantly.
But when you look at the clips from the accident, suddenly it doesn't seem so logical.
The clip, a short six minute video, is filmed shakily on a mobile phone. And even with the
less than stellar quality,  you can see the fire. You can hear the shout. Someone yells,
“It's going to blow, you've got to get back!” And it does. And as it does, it's all I can do to
not picture the my friend, somewhere, burning in the flames. Street racer likes to pretend
that it is a crime without causualities, but this is far from true. Not only do the watchers
get hurt frequently, but the people who have nothing at all to do with the race are 
being constantly put in danger. Not only, in the official races, which are bad enough, but
also by the sheer mindset of the racers and those who admire them. This creates a situation
exactly what happened that tragic night. It wasn't a planned race, it just “happened.” But
it's funny how something that wound up crossing over 11 miles, could just happen. Why
didn't the drivers just stop at any time? Why choose some place that was so full of
innocent people? Because, watch any advertizement, play any video game, watch any film
about cars, and you'll very clearly what they're trying to tell you. It's glamourous. It's
honorable. It's brave. These are the messages Dodge tells, when they showcase their new,
Fast and Furious approved cars. After all, they are “domestic, not domesticiated” but since
when did this sense of freedom, become okay to harm others? When did the pursuit of
money become more worthy than human lives. Dodge proudly states, that their Demon
car is not only Vin Diesel approved, a problem in of itself, but that the NHRA, the
organization that is totally chill with it's cars going 300 mphs, banned the car 
from its track, without the addition of a role cage. But despite this, Dodge still proclaims
that this car is great for racing, and racing fast. But if not on the approved track, then where?
The implication is less than subtle. But let me get one thing straight. I don't care what you do,
as long as it hurts no one but yourself. But when you bring innocent people into the matter,
and brainwash people into thinking such insane speeds are legal, even good, on the streets,
then, we have a problem. You want proof? The car that hit my friend, was going 127.5
miles an hour, on the 5 freeway, at 11:57 Midnight. This will never ever be acceptable.
And it has to stop. The cost of lives, and the increasing speed racing, that has, according
to cops, increased greatly with the rise of Fast and Furious, and the fall of legal tracks,
is too much. So, what do we do? According to many reports on street racing, there is
nothing. It has been around forever, and it will always be around forever.
But I disagree. This type of street racing, the kind glamorized in Fast and Furious,
by Dodge, Vin Diesel, and numerous video games, such as Need for Speed, and
Grand Theft Auto, has to stop. The kind that takes lives of innocent people, that makes
other cars on the road cool obstactles to go around, and makes cops a new part of the
challenge, a “cat and mouse game,” has to stop. Let me be clear. I am not against racing,
if your own life is all that's on the line. But if you're going to play a game, you need to
make sure that all the players, are willing participants. To do this, at the least, we need
these companies to stop putting money over lives, we need to open legal tracks which,
historically, has created a severe dip in the kind of street racing that killed my friend,
we need to offer better training for those who will be driving cars that otherwise,
they simply don't know how to control. We can't stop them from driving, but we can
stop them from driving unsafely. If you are going to drive a high performance car,
or use a regular car for high performance things, you need a high performance license,
so that if you're going to be an idiot, at least, you can have lower odds of killing people,
because this supposed sport without a cost, has cost more than one life too many.

Additional training is also nessicary seeing as how the majority of these racese take
place at night, with a severe loss of visability. It's not possible to stop it, but it is possible
to make it safer for bystanders. Nearly all of the news reports on street racing made
some mention of the Fast and Furious.

Turn the cameras off, and shoo the spectators away, and maybe it would be quiet
enough for them to hear their own conscience. Because the more cameras there are,
and the lighter consequences, the more glamour it will bring.

Michelle Marylin Littlefield

Offer my individual talents and exercise my ability to satisfy the customers at the top ice cream and frozen dessert franchise in the United States.


West Ranch High School                         Stevenson Ranch                                                2010 - current

GPA: 3.56 +.......


 Key Club                                                                                                                         2010 – current

·      prepared, served and delivered food

·      cleared tables and rooms

·      organized papers

·      interacted with elderly and employers

·      arranged inventory

Cal Arts Photo Class

·      developed film photography

·      analyzed and evaluated peer work


·      self-taught


·      speak, write, and understand English and Spanish

Photo-related Computer Programs
·      Photoshop
·      GIMP
Web Development
·      created websites
·      edited layouts
·     Dreamweaver

🎼Favorite Songs 🎶
Bands-strokes, the shins, temper trap
Singer- sufjan Stevens, Landon Pigg, bradi carlile
My moon my man/Mushaboom- feist 
New soul - yael naim 
Paparazii - eklipse 
Home/40 day dream- Edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros  
Happy together - turtles 👵🏻
I can't help myself - four tops 👵🏻
Dashboard-modest mouse 
Riptide - Vance 
Each coming night - iron and wine 
Summer- Calvin Harris 
Young and Beautiful/ Blue Jeans/ Dark Paradise- Lana del Rey
Big Jet Plane/just a boy/you are the one I want -Angus and Julie Stone
Hide and Seek- imogen heap 
we're going to be friends- white stripes
Ask me anything/alone, together -strokes (fav band) 
Animal/black and blue- miike snow 
Time is running out/starlight- muse 
Satellite - guster 
I will follow you into the dark/soul meets body- death cab for cutie
Island in the sun-weezer
Fluorescent adolescent- arctic monkeys  
Listomania- Phoenix 
Scared- Albert Hammond jr 
Stolen dance/feathery- milky chance 
Community college- Walter Mitty and his makeshift orchestra 
Little lion man- Mumford and sons 
Taro/Breezeblocks- alt J
Human- the killers 
Fly on-Coldplay 
A punk- vampire weekend 
No surprises/karma police-radiohead
two weeks-grizzly bear 
The girl - city and colour 
White winter hymnal - fleet foxes 
One big holiday- my morning jacket 
White lies- max frost 
Work it out - Knox Hamilton 
I can't make you love me - Bon Iver
First day of my life- bright eyes 
You could be happy- snow patrol 
Ghost bird - night kills day 
A walk-tycho 
Twin shadow-shooting holes
You wish- nightmares on wax 
Weird divide- the shins 
Sweet disposition/rest/down river-the temper trap
Heaven/love songs/that wasn't me/the story/if there was no you Brandi Carlile  
Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop- Landon Pigg
One-Harry Nilsson 
Decoder- Kodomo 
All my loving- Jim Sturgess
See you soon- Benjamin Francis 
While my guitar gently weeps- Peter Frampton 
Clair de lune- Michael Dulin 
For no One- Beatles 
Sound of Silence- Paul Simon
Your woman- white town 
The glitch mob-starve the ego, feed the soul 
I gaer-sigur ros 🎹
Somewhere only we know-keane
Turn on me/Know your onion!/girl inform me- The shins
Shooting stars bag raiders
I summon you-spoon
A good man is hard to find, Chicago (most strings) sufjan Stevens 
Harvey danger-sitta
Arms- Christina perry
Best I ever had- vertical horizon 
Can't let go (acoustic)-Landon pigg 
Promise- Ben Howard ❄
Sleep away your troubles, favorite shade of blue- the softies 
Caribbean Blue- enya
far from yesterday- Amy stroup
If I ever feel better-Phoenix 
Mr. Sandman 👵🏻
Broad ripple is Burning-Margot and the nuclear so and so's 
Submarine-The frights
Dream- Priscilla Ahn
Burning, inflation - the whitest boys alive
Middle Distance Runner, the rose captain -Sea Wolf 
Tighten Up- the black keys 
The voca people 
I just don't think I'll get over you-Colin Hay
For the love of a princess- Myleen Klass🎹
Song for Sienna- Brian Crain🎹
Symptoms/if so-atlas genius 
Flim/une femme n'est pas un homme- aphex twin
When I'm small-phantogram
I better be quiet now-Elliot smith 
Hopes and Fears/we might as well be strangers-keane
Paralisa 🎹
Hero-family of the year 
Budapest-George Ezra
On melancholy hill- gorillaz
Down by the river- milky chance 
Days go on/comes and goes -Greg Laswell
Samskeyti- sigur rose
Under Control- strokes
Another life to lose-Greg Laswell
Outsider Blues-Icarus (soundcloud)🌾
Let my baby stay(demo)-Mac deMarco 🌾
No such thing as me-kyson 🌾 🎵
Just what I needed-the cars 👵🏻
Burial- miike snow 🌾🐢
Say my name-odesza (jai wolf remix and embassadours remix) 🎶
Electric love/past lives-borns
Drop the Game- Flume & Chet Faker 
The Darkness- Built by Titan 🎶
Prayer in C- Robin Schulz and Lily Wood 
Eventually- Tame Impala
Gold- Chet faker 
Cardiac Arrest- Bad Suns 
Wicked Game- Chris Isaak 🌾❤
Stubborn Love-the Lumineers
Gymnopédie No. 1- Emile Pandolfi 🎹
Miracle- temper trap 
Cough Syrup- young the giant
2 heads- Coleman hell 
Summer's the Worst- Michael Leviton

She is such a bright light, even now. She always made me laugh and was an amazing presence wherever she went. Brendon texted .Thanks Brendon . Michelle’s friend , they’ve met in COC , he gave us this special present . Michelle will be forever in many hearts ♥️ thank God for the gift to be a parents of an angel

Michi happy happy birthday, mommy loves you, today we will celebrate your beautiful life , have fun in heaven hugs and kisses from your silly mom Gigi and your favorite daddy Willy and all the people that love you so much . I know you will read this and smile , forever in our hearts our sweet little angel 💝🌻🎁😍🎈👼🏻🎉
Happy belated Birthday, lil sis. Always thinking of you💕 Miss you.
Happy Birthday Michelle! I seriously never told you how lucky I was to even be a friend of yours, you'll always be that super positive girl with the amazing energy that was seriously contagious to everybody! So thankful that you were able to bring that to the world while you were here! I know you carry it with you up there <3
happy birthday Michelle!!! i miss you and think about you all the time! i will never forget you and all our fun days together that i was able to share with you at holy redeemer !!! i love you and happy birthday beautiful girl 💕thinking of you today Gigi 😽 sending you hugs and well wishes 😘😘😘
Happy birthday Bell! I can't believe how fast time flies, it feels like just yesterday we first met... it's a crazy feeling realizing its been over two years. Geez I miss you so much! Words can't describe how much I miss you. I really wish you were here with us to celebrate your birthday. I remember you were always telling me how excited you were to turn 20... You were just so independent and ready to grow up! That's one of many traits I love about you:). I think about you everyday 24/7 still and I think I always will, you have such a big place in my heart Bell! I'm so glad that I met you! I hope you're having a great time in heaven, beautiful girl. I still look forward to seeing you again one day! You and your family are always in my heart and prayers. Happy birthday my love!

Happy Birthday Michelle! I know you are celebrating your birthday in Heaven today and you are still very missed by all your friends and your family especially. Happy Birthday Angel😇
Hey, Michelle. I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. You're still in my thoughts and I know you've been guiding me through everything that has been going on. I also just want to say thank you for all that you've motivated me to do this year. You've helped bring me to a much happier place in life and I feel thankful for each day that I have. Thank you for keeping me safe in my travels and for all the extra pushes that have gotten me to where I am today. I hope that I'll keep making you proud with my ambitious life pursuits. Take care.
Happy birthday Michelle! I know somehow you're able to see this. I'm sorry I haven't written in so long, it's just still so hard to believe you're not here. I think of you every day and hope you're doing well up there (i'm sure you are) and i'm sure you're making everyone else up there smile. I send tons of birthday hugs to you. Miss you pretty lady🎂🎈♥️
Happy Birthday lil' sis. Miss you so much. Wish you could be here to help us celebrate your special day. Thinking of you and love you lots❤️🎂🍰

Happy birthday Michelle, i miss you so much...hope you're having a beautiful time in heaven♥

Michelle's Memorial Birthday Party with Cake and Balloons 20th B-DAY
10-28-2016 Michelle's Memorial Birthday 
Below Beautiful Michelle looking all Eyes of Wonderment. 18th B-Day
Eternal Valley

Birthday Past with Memories 19 th B-Day 
Michelle's Memorial Cake 10-28-2016 
Lori and Michelle 
Lori sending Birthday wishes to Michelle at Eternal Valley 
More Good Byes 

At Whites Point Beach  above and below

The Thinker
Cookie monster Michelle at the beach will cuz Kyle  and "Twins"
Michelle, her cousin Kyle and Pixie. We are going to miss you Boo Boo
On top of the World
 3 Dolls 
Movie Star Michelle Marylin Littlefield

Michelle's American Girl's journal

Michelle at Venice Beach, CA

Aidan, Skye and Michelle in Mountasia - Santa Clarita, CA 

Mountasia  in Santa Clarita, CA

Above Michelle

Above Michelle at Holy Redeemer - BELOW Kyle Perry - Malyia Espindola - Michelle Littlefield

Michelle Littlefield   and  Malyia Espindola
 - above and below


Michelle Littlefield - Michelle's Candlelight Vigil 2016

   Danni - Xavier - Cuca - Denise - Michelle

Jesse Castro - Kyle Perry - Grandma Marilyn Littlefield 
Michelle Littlefield - Carol Bestor - Gigi Littlefield  - Visiting in Pebble Beach, CA.

Above   Below

Michelle Littlefield W/ Auntie Glorita above - W/ Mama Gigi below.
2012 Michelle 15th years old

Michelle Littlefield - with Gigi Littlefield 2013, Jr Prom

Michelle with her friends at Disneyland in November 2015

Family from Ecuador with Gigi Littlefield - Uncle Xavier and Cecelia (Cuca) Gomez

Flower Display - Michelle's Best friend Tony is Healing and alive

The CHP was onsite from the beginning and leads the investigation.

My respect to the California Highway Patrol - To Commander/Captain Paul Medeiros
and Crew. I met Captain Paul at crash site, Paul was my Guardian Angel.

Michelle's coffin and pictures in family prayer room

Picture of JESUS CHRIST and Jesse Castro

Malyia Espindola - Joseph Dunlap - Michelle Perdue

Grandma Marilyn June Littlefield - Candace Perry

Charlie & Carol Bestor - 

John & Robin Littlefield  - Mrs Orpinela
Jesse Castro - Luke Littlefield
Lauren (Lori) Pond

Cathy Quebral - Christian Q. and Christopher Q.

Martins - Lorraine - Daniel - Rodger
Flower Display Chapel
Breanna Gallagher - (Caring) Funeral Director - Eternal Valley Mortuary

A very sad and beautiful day - March 8, 2016 - Burial

Front, Joseph Dunlap - Back, Michael Pecina

Michelle Littlefield and Brian Lewandoski were friends in this life and became 
Angels in heaven together.  Story  Legacy

Dear Brian,
Words cannot describe how much you mean to me. All the support that the family and I have received show just how much of an impact you had on so many people. We have been together for every milestone, and I couldn't be prouder to not only call you my best friend, but my twin brother. You achieved so much during your time here with us, and because of that you always have and always will be my role model. There will never be a day that goes by that I won't think of you. All the great memories we shared together will be an infinite source of happiness and inspiration to me and many others. You made me smile each and every day, and I still can't believe you have left us, no one can. Rest in peace Brian, I love you so much and I know one day I will see you again.
"We are absolutely devastated by our loss. Our hearts go out to the other victims and their families and our prayers are for the survivors' recovery. We are very thankful for the love and support of family and friends throughout this time."  Littlefield's mother, Gigi, told The Santa Clarita Valley Signal that her daughter was an only child and had just applied to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in hopes of studying business.

Michelle Littlefield - Michelle's Memorial 2016

It is with extreme sadness that I must inform friends that a bright
light of life was cut short early Saturday morning Feb. 27, 2016. My
niece, Michelle Littlefield tragically passed away due to a horrific
car accident on the 5 Freeway. Our hearts are broken that such a sweet
spirit has been taken from us. Michelle is the daughter to William and
Gisella Littlefield. Willy and our family attended the Highland Park
Ward for many years. Many of you will remember David Littlefield, a
longtime friend of Bill Crosby, both whom have passed away.
Michelle M. Littlefield's Celebration of Life
Tuesday, March 8, 2016
LDS Church
24443 Mc Bean Parkway, Valencia CA 91355
Viewing starts at 11:00, doors open at 10:00
Life Celebration begins at 12:00 Noon
Refreshments - Visiting 1:15 – 2:25
Graveside Dedication 3:00
Eternal Valley Memorial Park
23287 North Sierra Hwy, Newhall CA 91321
(661) 259-0800

Any person or lawyer who would like to assist with any facts about this case may do 
so by contacting my attorney of record 

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